Diamond wire saw cutting tutorial

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Diamond wire saw is a commonly used diamond tool in mining, this paper mainly introduces how wire saw in mining to complete cutting, this process is introduced, so that everyone can better understand diamond wire saw and mining related knowledge.

Pre-mining preparation:

Power supply

Wire saw mining needs to use wire saw machine, the consumption of electrical energy is larger, the current mine wire saw machine power of 37KW, 45KW, 55KW and 75KW is more common, and then also need to be equipped with equipment: air compressor, multi-functional rock drilling, diving Hole drilling, lighting electricity, etc. , all equipment voltage is 380V, if the use of 75KW wire saw machine, the total power of these machines and equipment is about 120KW, if the number of machine requirements, need to be considered in advance, set up the corresponding power transformer, If you save money in the first place, you can use diesel generators to generate electricity.

Hydraulic supply

At present, in view of environmental protection factors, it is recommended to use circulating water to cool the cutting wire saw, because the wire saw cutting process produces a large amount of heat, if not cooled, not only increase the pollution of dust, but also cause wire saw overheating lead to wire saw quality problems, such as rubber melting, string beads by heat flow and other adverse conditions, each wire saw machine cooling water amount of 0.5-1 tons / hour, you can see a suitable volume of circulating water pool, to ensure continuous water supply capacity.

Up-front work:

(1) Mountain clean-up: through excavators, the mountain surface is covered with soil, weathering layers, peeling off mezzanines, perimeters and broken marbles that have no mining value due to the development of the sectional fissures, exposing the marble bodies and preparing them for mining. Special attention should be paid to the protection of the ore body, and blasting vibration should not be allowed to affect the integrity and blocking of the stone.

(2) Construction work platform: marble exposed, to dig out suitable for wire saw machine work platform, the general width of 6 meters, the length according to the mountain, mining site steps height of 5-10 meters. Excavation methods generally use drilling and expansion agent and other methods, granite can be used blasting method, the mountain more gentle working surface can be used to build the operating platform by paving the soil layer.

Pre-mining wire saw installation process

(1) Drilling

Drilling is a key preparation, if the hole drilling is not good, directly affect the cross-bead wire through, affect the life of the wire and cutting efficiency, so the process of punching is particularly important. To cut a large piece of waste material, three holes must be drilled, one vertical hole and two horizontal holes. Three holes intersect at one point, if the three holes do not cross at one point, diamond bead wire perforation is more troublesome, even cannot wear, need to re-drill, which reduces productivity. Therefore, drilling must be carried out according to the actual situation, according to the operating procedures. Drilling equipment can be used multi-functional rock drilling, submersible drilling, manual rock drilling machine.

(2) Wear the wire

Using the manual wire-piercing method, one end of the wire is fixed to the thin wire wire, the other end of the fine wire wire is connected to multiple strands of soft wire (usually a hammer wire), from a hole through, the vertical surface can be flushed out by water, the horizontal side with wire from another hole, and then brought out the thin wire wire to lead out the wire saw.

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(3) The wire saw machine is installed 

After the completion of the wire, the first equipment tracks laying, the track should be parallel to the horizontal hole, and use a horizontal ruler to measure the horizontal level of the track plane and make it meet the requirements, and finally lift the wire saw to the track, hang the wire saw, plug in the power supply. Due to the heavy equipment, coupled with cutting a plane, the need to re-mobile devices, can use mast cranes, forklifts, loaders, excavators and any of this equipment to move sawing machines;

(4) To plug in the water source, installation of cooling pipes

Generally need to configure two pipes, one set in the wire's entry hole position, the other in the wire's exit position, and with the cutting progress needs to constantly adjust the water inlet position and water direction.

Mining cutting Mining waste with a wire saw must first cut the horizontal surface, and then cut the vertical surface, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the cutting. If you first cut vertical face, and then cut horizontal surface, easy to cause stone break, press the string wire, so that the motor idling slip, damage flywheel rubber skin; More serious will cause wire saw scrapping.

Mining commonly used cutting methods for one cut - pull over (disengagement) - secondary cut shaping. The main purpose of a cut is to cut a stone on the mountain, the size of the stone according to the size of the ore body, handling capacity, stone utilization and other factors to determine, generally in 30-60M3, after cutting the stone, with a winch or loader to separate the stone from the ore body and pull over on the surface of the paved gravel, secondary cutting plastic, cutting out the commercial value of waste material.

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Mine wire saw trim

Secondary cut shaping is the process of mining waste cutting, the whole process, wire saw through the bar stone, through the high-speed operation of the wire saw machine, the mine waste cut completed. Some mines use drilling after the addition of expansion agent way of mining, the edge has the traces of drilling, need to be repaired, the specific approach is to cut the waste material for the bottom trim, convenient later transport of stone.