Overview of the production process of diamond wire saws

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The application of diamond wire bead rope are widely, but few people understand its production process.The production process of diamond wire saw is very complicated and cumbersome. Every process must not have any problems, otherwise it will directly affect the final product. This article uses rubber rope as an example. The wire saw production process is mainly divided into the following ten steps, which are carefully implemented every step and the details can be made with excellent quality, good quality and extremely high stability.

One: Ingredients and preparation materials. Prepare sintered powder, steel wire rope, bead matrix, diamond powder, rubber and other raw materials in strict proportions. Linxing Diamond Tools chooses high-quality raw materials to ensure the stability of the later products.

Two: Mix the prepared metal powder and diamond powder thoroughly. During the mixing process, use a 3D blender to stir for more than one hour.

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Three: cold press molding, cold press the bead matrix and powder, and the powder after cold pressing is wrapped on the outside of the bead matrix in a solid form. After the whole process is completed, weighing must be carried out so that the weight error of the entire bead does not exceed 0.05%, so as to ensure the stability and size of the finished bead in the later stage.

Four: hot-press sintering, put the cold-pressed beads into a graphite abrasive tool, and sinter the beads into hard agglomerates through high temperature and high pressure. The sintered diamond is embedded in the sintered alloy material and has good physical and chemical control. Then the beads are cooled, and the cooled beads already have cutting performance.

Five: Machining and anti-rust treatment. The sintered beads need to be machined and reshaped. The main purpose is to smooth the surface of the beads to prevent the sintering fluid from causing different sizes. The anti-rust treatment is for the surface of the beads. Carry out anti-rust treatment, so that the beads can be stored longer in the air.

Six: Threading the rope, mainly through manual and semi-automatic machinery, thread the beads into the wire rope, and fix the beads through the fixing parts.

diamond wire saw

Seven: Glue injection, Linxing diamond tools use a flat vulcanizer to inject the rubber, and make the surface of the wire saw an integral rubber layer by injecting rubber.

Eight: Sharpening, through the automatic sharpening machine, the beads are sharpened, so that the diamond has a trailing effect, so that it has a good cutting ability.

Nine: Winding the rope, the beads after the sharpened needs to be wound. A wire saw with a length of 100 meters or 50 meters is wound into a bundle of 40 cm diameter circular rope winding effect, which is convenient for later packaging.

Ten: Packaging, firstly use plastic strips for fixing, then use plastic film for waterproof packaging, and finally use highly waterproof plastic boxes for packaging, and finally hit steel nails to fix the packaging, and finally complete the entire diamond wire saw production process .

There are various models of diamond wire saws produced by Linxing, which can be applied to various scenarios.Applications of diamond wire saws include cutting all kinds of stone, stone trimming, urban building demolition