diamond wire saw classification

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Although diamond wire saws seem to be the same, due to different production processes and functions, there are roughly the following classification methods.

According to different production processes, it is divided into the following categories:

1: Electroplated diamond wire saw rope, this kind of wire saw bead is processed by an older electroplating method. Because the electroplated diamond process has been extremely mature, a large amount of diamond on the surface can support wire saw for dry cutting, and has a higher cutting Efficiency, but the shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, this kind of wire saw has a short lifespan and is currently in the phase of being eliminated.

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2: Sintered diamond wire saw rope, the bead of this wire saw is formed by cold pressing and then processed by hot pressing sintering. This sintering method can form a stable cutting layer, and the diamond can be well embedded in the alloy powder matrix , Which greatly guarantees the life of the cutting. The disadvantage is that because this kind of bead is not resistant to high temperature, it is prone to drop beading at high temperature, so cooling water is generally required for cutting. This kind of wire saw has a very high cost performance, good lifespan and good efficiency, so it is currently the most widely used, whether it is mining, special-shaped stone processing or block cutting, you can use this wire saw rope.

3: Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw rope. The bead of this wire saw is made by vacuum brazing. The wire saw processed by this process has a very rough surface, and the diamond is unevenly distributed on the surface of the wire saw, so this kind of wire The saw has a very high cutting efficiency, especially for soft marble mining, it is very efficient and supports dry cutting. These characteristics make this wire saw widely used in marble mining. But the shortcomings are also very obvious. The equipment of this process is very expensive, so the product price is high and the life span is relatively short.

According to different uses, diamond wire saws can be divided into the following types:

1: Marble mining wire saw: Mainly used for marble mining. The main connection part can be spring, rubber, or rubber + spring. These three connection methods are relatively mature processes.

2: Granite mining wire saw: mainly used for granite mining. The main connection part is rubber or rubber + spring. The thickness of the bead is mainly 12mm and 11.5mm.

3: Plastic wire saw: Mainly used for block trimming. The main connecting part is plastic or rubber. In terms of thickness, 9mm or 10mm plastic rope or 10.5mm or 11mm diameter rubber rope is mainly used.

4: Irregular-shaped wire saw: Irregular-shaped wire saws are also divided into many types, such as cutting boards for lettering, cutting curved boards, cutting tombstones, etc. Generally, plastic wire saws are used, and the general thickness is 8mm, 8.8mm, 9mm, Beads with thickness of 9.5mm, 10mm, etc. also need to refer to the specific cutting material.

5: Combination wire saw: Combination wire saw is mainly used for cutting stone blocks. It is used for combination wire saw machine. The thickness of the bead is generally 7.2mm, 6.3mm, 5.4mm, etc. The connecting parts are all plastic ropes.

6: Reinforced concrete cutting wire saw: This material is mainly used for cutting bridge piers, wharf demolition, steel-concrete load-bearing wall removal, road and wall reconstruction and other projects. At present, the amount is very large. The main bead thickness is 12.5mm and 12mm. The connection is rubber.

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According to the different connecting parts, it is divided into the following types:

1: Diamond rubber rope: mainly used for concrete cutting and stone mining. The thickness of the supported beads is 10.5mm, 11.0mm, 11.5mm, 12mm, 12.5mm, etc.

2: Diamond plastic rope: mainly used for CNC wire saw cutting of special-shaped stone and combined wire saw cutting block, or used for block trimming, support bead thickness is 5.3mm-10.5mm.

3: Diamond spring rope: mainly used in the mining of marble mines. This wire saw uses the resilience of the spring to firmly fix the beads in a fixed position, and the spring is properly deformed, which does not affect the cutting performance of the overall wire saw . The main support bead thickness is 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, etc.

4: Rubber + spring rope: mainly used for the mining of marble and granite mines and concrete cutting. The idea of this kind of wire saw is double-layered protection, so that the wire saw rope can be better fixed, and there will be no beads or broken ropes. The situation is currently very much applied in China. The applicable bead thickness is 11.5mm, 12.0mm, 12.5mm.