Cold process diamond wire saw

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Cold process diamond wire saw is a newer process that is different from ordinary hot-pressed sintered wire saw. Cold-pressed wire saw has many advantages compared with hot-pressed sintered wire saw. At present, almost most of them Most manufacturers will use this process to produce wire saw products, so what are the specific advantages? Let's take a look:

1: The size is more uniform

Earlier wire saw beats were made by hot pressing and direct sintering. The stirred powder was put into a graphite mold, and the metal in the powder was liquefied through high-temperature sintering, so that the metal was combined into a more rigid agglomerate, but this This method cannot well control the flow of powder when it is liquefied in the abrasive tool, so it is easy to have different sizes of beats. If such beats are used for diamond wire saws, then diamond wire saws are in the cutting process. The cutting surface of the cutting object may be uneven, and beats with a large diameter will withstand greater impact, which makes it easier for beats to move and fall off.

diamond wire saw, cold pressed diamond wire saw

2: The quality is more uniform

After the cold pressing process, each beats needs to be weighed. If the weight deviation is too large, such beats need to be cold pressed again, so as to ensure that the weight of the beats is a certain amount, in a certain weight and a certain volume Below, the density of beats also tends to be the same, which ensures the stability of product quality to the utmost extent.

3: Diamond distribution is more even

The process of cold pressing is the process of directly shaping the uniformly stirred powder. This process can maintain the uniformity of the stirring and mixing to the greatest extent. However, if the ordinary powder is directly sintered, the diamond powder will be sintered during the sintering of the graphite abrasive. There is a phenomenon that the liquid metal and the diamond have a fine differential layer, which also makes the diamond distribution uneven, and ultimately leads to differences in the cutting performance of the product during the cutting process, resulting in a poor cutting process.

 cold pressed diamond wire saw, sintered beats wire saw

4: cold process can reduce the defective rate

The cold pressing and sintering processes are separated, which allows beats to quickly find problems if uneven quality occurs during the cold pressing process, and subdividing the production process can make each process more detailed and avoid beats quality problems. So as to control the quality of wire saw.

Of course, cold process diamond beats also have their disadvantages. For example, the production process is more cumbersome, the production time is longer, the process is more, and there are more machines that need to be equipped. But overall, cold process diamond wire saws are better than ordinary sintered diamond wire saws in terms of product quality, cutting performance, and stability. This is one of the reasons why cold process wire saws are becoming more and more popular.