Why choose CNC diamond wire saw

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Diamond wire saw is a linear cutting tool, currently mainly stone cutting wire saws and reinforced concrete cutting wire saws.The product category is relatively rich. Among them, one type of product is called special-shaped wire saw, also called CNC diamond wire saw, which is used for processing. Special-shaped stone products meet the needs of modern people for personalized design of stone beauty.

CNC wire saw is generally used on CNC wire saw machine (also called CNCwire saw machine), which can be divided into the following cutting functions: block shaped cutting, curved plate cutting, plate cutting, etc., for these three different types There are also more options for cutting methods, CNC wire saw specifications and joint methods.

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Numerical control wire saw for cutting block shaped stone

There are many ways to cut blocks, such as cutting blocks into plates, but due to the low efficiency of such cutting and high production costs, it is not recommended to use CNC wire saws to cut blocks into plates. The block cutting objects of CNC wire saw are mainly used in stone monuments, stone carving and other industries. For example, when people were doing stone carving in the early days, they needed to open up wasteland. They were divided into large wasteland, middle wasteland, small wasteland, polishing, polishing, and precision. Carving and other processes, but often when opening up wasteland, the overall outline of the sculpture needs to be manually beaten with a hammer and chisel to remove the excess part. However, in the beaten process, excessive strength often leads to damage to the stone. Moreover, this kind of processing method greatly wastes the stone and is not environmentally friendly. However, if the CNC wire saw is used for cutting, it can greatly improve the processing efficiency of stone carvings.

There are also some blocks that belong to the process of cutting large blocks into small blocks, such as cutting large blocks into tombstones, railing slabs, pillars, search rods, etc., which can all be processed by CNC wire saw machines, especially some arcs. , S-shaped stone railings, ordinary machines cannot meet the cutting requirements of this design. At this time, the CNC wire saw can also take advantage of its random cutting characteristics to process many personalized special-shaped stone products.

CNC wire saw for cutting curved slab stone

CNC wire saw can be directly used to cut curved plates and cylinders. In the early days, when people needed to process stone cylinders, barrel saws were used. However, barrel saws have a very big disadvantage, that is, they need a variety of different diameters. Barrel saw drill bits, and elliptical cylinders are almost impossible to process, and barrel saws process hollow cylinders, the efficiency will be very low, and the damage rate is also very high. In order to better process large cylinders, people use CNC wire saws for arcs. Plates and cylinders are processed, and they can be formed in one cut, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of arc plates and greatly reduces the processing costs of arc plates, making this product further mainstream and marketable.

diamond wire saw, CNC diamond wire saw, how to choose diamond wire saw

CNC wire saw for slab cutting

The CNC wire saw can cut various sizes of the plate during the processing of the plate. Of course, because the CNC system does not have the infrared function, the plate size will have errors, but if you cut some tabletops that do not require high dimensions, the CNC wire saw can Finish the job very well.

In addition to simple cutting, CNC wire saws are used for curved line cutting, middle plate lettering, stone plate hollow processing, etc. Although the processing accuracy is not as good as waterjet parquet, it can meet the cutting requirements of general customers.

In general, CNC diamond wire saw is a highly functional and versatile diamond tool product. For many years, Linxing Diamond Tools has been committed to the development of CNC wire saw technology, and can now design and produce 8.8- Within the diameter range of 10.5mm, a variety of wire saw products with joints and without joints can meet the various needs of stone factories for processing of special-shaped stones. Customers are welcome to consult and negotiate cooperation.