How many square stones can diamond wire saw cut per meter

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Diamond wire saw is a cutting tool for cutting stone, mainly used for mining, profiling stone processing and block cutting. So how many square meters of stone can different types of wire saws cut?

To answer this question, both the life and efficiency of the diamond wire saw must be considered, and the cutting object also needs to be considered. It is very simple to understand that if the cutting efficiency is high, the cutting life of the wire saw will definitely decrease. Then, if the cutting efficiency is low, the service life tends to be relatively high. The type of stone is also a very important factor. For example, the material is highly abrasive, the stone is hard, and the consumption of the wire saw is very fast. Such a wire saw will have a low life of the diamond wire saw. So there is a difference in comparison.

High performance wire saw, Smooth sawing wire saw

For example, Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has launched 18 types of wire saws for granite stone. Six of them are mainly cost-effective, and the performance of diamond wire saw is maintained at the same time of extreme cost-effectiveness. Due to the different emphasis on performance, these six wire saws have large differences in cutting performance. There is a big difference in the life of cutting the same stone. In general, wire saws that are close to the price have a few features: The cutting life of the partial life type will be longer, but the cutting efficiency is slower. The sharper type of wire saw has a shorter cutting life, but the cutting efficiency is faster. The neutral cutting wire saw takes into account the longevity and sharpness, and finally can give a relatively centered cutting data. This article will also introduce the average range of life testing of some Linxing diamond wire saws of this type (balanced performance).

Quarry diamond wire saw

At present, Linxing's quarry wire saw is mainly used to cut quartz stone in Brazil: according to the hardness and softness of the local stone, the number of squares cutting by one meter of wire saw is: 4.5-8 square meters.

Quarry diamond wire saws for cutting granite are mainly concentrated in China, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, Canada and other countries. At present, the amount of granite mined by one-meter wire saw is about 10-35 square meters, mainly cutting medium-hard and super-hard granite products.

Wire saws for mining marble are mainly concentrated in Iran, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Greece, Spain and other countries. At present, the amount of marble that can be mined by a one-meter wire saw is: 15-65 square meters, mainly cutting soft marble, medium hard marble and hard marble.

Profiling diamond wire saw

At present, Linxing's special-shaped wire saws mainly include plastic beaded ropes with a bead diameter of 8.0-10mm, including 8.2mm, 8.5mm, 8.8mm, 9.5mm, 10mm, etc. The main cutting life is as follows:

The life of cutting granite or quartz is 6-18 square meters per meter. The main cutting objects are some Eastern European countries, mainly cutting stele, special-shaped stone, stone carving products, etc.

The life of cutting limestone or marble is 15-48 square meters for one meter of cutting. The main cutting objects are customers in Western European countries and the Middle East, mainly for cutting some profiling stones.

Highly stable wire saw, High tension wire saw

Multi-wire saw

At present, Linxing's multi wire saws mainly have two types of beads with diameters of 7.2mm and 6.3mm, while 5.3mm beads are still being tested and developed, and will appear in the market in the later stage. The current cutting life of these two types of beads is as follows:

The life of the multi wire saw machine for cutting granite is 6-18mm, and the main use area is China.