Diamond wire saw cold press technology

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In the production process of diamond wire saws, a technology called cold pressing is currently used. In short, the diamond and matrix metal powder are lumped through a steel mold, which is convenient for later movement and convenient later installation. Molding and sintering, then which beading problems can be solved by cold pressing? To answer this question, we must start with the earliest granulation technology of wire saw production.

Diamond wire saw granulation technology: In the early production of wire saw, there was no blessing of modern cold pressing technology. One of the techniques people used was called granulation. The earliest granulation was mostly made manually. By mixing diamond and metal powder by adding liquid, the powder does not fly everywhere, and then it is dried and sieved to make granular spherical blocks of a certain size, and then such particles are put into the mould for sintering, and finally produced diamond wire saw beads. However, this production method is limited by artificial production efficiency and has great pollution. Later, granulation technology has also been developed. For example, some companies gradually apply powder granulation technology and supporting equipment to production practice. The powder granulation process is to add the powder into the container by the high-speed rotation of the agitator and the cutting knife and spray the atomized solvent to form the powder into granules. The granulation of 10kg powder can be completed in 20 minutes. The granulated powder is dried and screened. , made into 30-80 mesh spherical particles, the molding rate is above 85%. The powder produced by this method has better fluidity. After mixing with the granulated powder, the distribution on the working lip surface is more uniform; The surfaces are in direct contact, reducing the loss of the mold.

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With such a plasmid technology, it was found that the stability of the diamond wire saw beads produced did not improve much, mainly due to weight control and powder balance. How to make full use of this new granulation technology, people began to produce the diamond wire saw  beads is carried out by an automatic cold press. This machine is cold-pressed from the charging to the matrix and the carcass according to the volume method (determining the amount of powder), which has a high degree of automation and saves manpower, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency. , reducing production costs.

Of course, in addition to the automatic cold press, there is also a semi-automatic cold press. This kind of machine uses a mixer for ingredients. The mixed powder is put into the semi-automatic cold press, and finally passes through the indenter to make the powder and the beaded matrix together. Cold-press forming, the semi-automatic cold press has the characteristics of not needing granulation, and the material stirring and the cold-pressing are separated. Although it is troublesome in operation, the semi-automatic cold press is cheap, and during the granulation process, there will be no mechanical failure. Problems cause a lot of problems.

So what are the differences between semi-automatic cold press and automatic cold press in making beads? In fact, although the names of the two are only one word apart, the usage methods are completely different, so there are several differences in the production of diamond wire  saw beads. The following is a detailed introduction:

1: There are relatively large differences in stability. The automatic cold press can adopt the granulation process. If the advanced granulation technology is matched with the automatic cold press to fully suppress the material, the structure of the entire bead will be very stable, and the least amount of material will be used. Stability can be greatly improved. The semi-automatic cold press generally adopts the process of no granulation. During the cold pressing process, the powder cannot be guaranteed not to precipitate, so in terms of the stability of the finished product, the beads processed by the automatic cold press are more advantageous.

2: In terms of convenience, automatic cold presses can greatly save manual operation time, while semi-automatic cold presses are worse, but the requirements for labor have been reduced to a very low level. In fact, the diamond wire saw beads processed by the two have a high failure rate. Aspects are lower range, but the failure rate of diamond wire saw beads processed by automatic cold press will be lower.

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3: In terms of cutting ability, the two are the same material, but the diamond segment made by the automatic cold press will also have better cutting life.

In general, the cold pressing process can only determine the upper limit of the beading performance, but not the lower limit of the beading. If you want to choose a better product, the high particle technology and automatic cold pressing will make the diamond wire saw perform better.