How to avoid the problem of diamond wire saw beads getting stuck

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Diamond beaded rope is a kind of flexible stone cutting tool commonly used in stone and reinforced concrete cutting processing. Since the rope needs a strong cutting force inside the closed-loop rope. If there are some situations where the cutting force cannot meet the cutting requirements, various problems will naturally occur. The most troublesome is that the rope saw will be stuck. Let's take a look at the reasons and solutions for this situation.

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Clamping rope, also known as stuck rope, the main manifestation is that the bead is stuck in the cutting gap, the current of the wire saw machine is increased, and the beaded rope does not rotate. If you encounter this situation, you need to shut down as soon as possible, and then restart after solving the problem. So what causes the beaded rope to get stuck? There are mainly the following types.

1: The stone cutting situation has changed. This situation mainly occurs in the process of stone cutting, and there is a big difference in the structure of the mineral material. For example, the cutting surface with more quartz layers is cut. At this time, due to the insufficient motor power, the cutting process appears to be unable to cut the stone. When the power of the wire saw that continues to increase is still unable to complete the cut, the wire saw is stuck in the stone. In the process of steel-mixed cutting, there is also the same problem. The beaded rope cuts the steel bar of the steel-mixed structure. When the steel bar is too thick, the cutting difficulty increases. When the motor power is not enough, the steel-mixed wire saw will eventually get stuck in the saw seam.

The reason for this kind of rope jam is very common, and the problem is relatively easy to solve. It is to choose a motor with higher power as much as possible. When the cutting is abnormal, the motor power can be appropriately increased to overcome some extreme cutting conditions. A simple analogy is that when the car climbs a hill, the horsepower of the car needs to be increased, so that the situation that the car cannot run can be solved very well, and this kind of rope jam is also based on this principle.

2: The wire saw is not sharp enough. This situation is mainly due to problems in the composition and ratio of diamond and matrix powder during the manufacturing process of the wire saw, such as insufficient diamond grade, insufficient diamond concentration, too fine diamond particle size, too hard or too soft diamond matrix, and too much diamond matrix. The holding power of the diamond is not enough, etc., these are the reasons for the insufficient sharpness of the wire saw.

In order to solve the problem of insufficient sharpness of the wire saw, in addition to updating the manufacturing formula of the wire saw and improving the production process of the bead during the sintering process, it is also necessary to match a more reasonable user manual, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency of the diamond wire saw and can prolong the service life of the wire saw.

3: There is a problem during operation. If the wire saw cuts reasonably, for example, the guide wheel can be used reasonably, then this kind of situation is very difficult to occur. The situation that the rope is often caught is the result of simplifying the work of the wire saw. In short, it is to cut directly. The same wire saw is used to complete the cutting of the large and small surfaces. When the cutting angle is less than 30 degrees, it is very difficult to cut. The wire saw is prone to deformation. In this way, the structure of the wire saw itself is destroyed, and if such a rope is used to cut the material behind, it is easy to cause the wire saw to get stuck.

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This kind of situation is also one of the very common situations, mainly because the wire saw is damaged due to excessive bending. When such a wire saw is cutting normally, the wire of the wire saw is stuck due to the instability of the inner connecting piece. The improvement method is also very simple. If you need to cut small faces, use the old rope to cut as much as possible. Don't be afraid of trouble, it is the core solution.

In general, if the wire saw cannot be improved in a short time, the stuck wire saw needs to continue to be used. The best way to do this is to drive a wedge into the slit to increase the slit while allowing the wire saw to pull out. When continuing to cut in the later stage, the cutting depth can be appropriately reduced, the cutting speed can be increased, and the speed of the flywheel can be increased, which can significantly change the situation of the wire saw stuck. If the problem still cannot be solved, the cooling water flow can be appropriately reduced, the current can be appropriately increased, and the processing power can be increased to meet the cutting requirements.