How to choose a diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting

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Reinforced concrete structures are increasingly used in modern urban construction, especially in bridges and steel-concrete buildings. However, as time goes by, concrete buildings need to be demolished due to various reasons. The concrete itself is very hard, and the interior is still There are steel bars, if common wall saws or drilling rigs are used to demolish, it takes time and effort, and diamond wire saws are used to demolish steel-concrete buildings, but what kind of steel-concrete wire saws are used to cut various types of steel-concrete buildings? What about hard reinforced concrete buildings?

Steel-concrete construction cutting is an industrialized operation. Since it is an industrialized operation, the pursuit of high cost performance is the clearest goal. How to choose a wire saw product with higher cost performance, how to make steel-concrete construction cutting faster, and how to make steel-concrete construction Is the cutting of objects more in line with people's needs?

The hardness and strength of concrete determine the choice of wire saw

The hardness of concrete refers to the degree of difficulty of concrete in the cutting process. The higher the hardness, the more difficult it is to cut concrete, but it is not the concrete with high strength that is the concrete with firm structure. In fact, the strength is the parameter that determines the degree of concrete construction, and the strength determines Whether the concrete will deform and break is determined according to the yield strength and tensile strength of the concrete. To put it simply, concrete with high hardness and low strength is more common in tofu dregs projects and is also the main target of concrete building demolition. With high strength, the hardness of concrete may not necessarily be high, which depends on the ratio of cement to sand and gravel used by people.

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The higher the hardness of the concrete material, the higher the cutting hardness of the required design wire saw. In the choice of beats rope diameter, 11.5mm and 12mm steel-concrete wire saws are more commonly used. In terms of hardness, low-cobalt-based and iron-based wire saw beats matrix will be better. In terms of diamond grade selection, the higher the grade, the better the grinding effect on hard concrete. The highest concrete hardness can reach a Mohs hardness of 9, which is only 10 milliseconds from the hardness of diamond, so it is very necessary to choose a higher grade diamond. However, among the common C20, C25, and C30 concretes, the concrete material is mainly pebbles. The Mohs hardness of this concrete material is about 6.5. For such soft concrete materials, it is suitable for lower grade diamonds.

In terms of strength, the higher the concrete strength, the greater the amount of cement used. Although it is not that the higher the hardness of the concrete, the better the strength, but the higher the strength of the concrete, the greater the hardness (caused by more cement components). Therefore, when choosing a diamond wire saw, you must consider the hardness of the carcass and the grade of the diamond. For the specific selection method, please refer to the previous paragraph.

The thickness of the steel bars also determines the choice of wire saw

Reinforcing steel bars are necessary in steel-concrete buildings. The steel bars inserted in the concrete increase the shock absorption and seismic strength of the building. Especially in the beam structure of the building, the thicker the steel bar, the stronger the building, and its cutting difficulty will also increase with the steel bar. The thickness varies.

Diamond wire saw, concrete cutting wire saw, reinforced concrete cutting tools

For thick steel bars, choose wire saws with larger beats. Because of the friction between the diamonds in the beats and the steel bars during the cutting process of thick steel bars, due to the great wear resistance of the steel bars, the diamond consumption is very fast during the cutting process. The diameter range of steel bars in reinforced concrete has a large span, covering diameters from 3mm-42mm. The thicker the steel bar, the higher the requirement for the diamond wire saw. The larger the diameter, the longer the cutting life of the wire saw. The more wear-resistant the carcass, the longer the service life of the wire saw. On the contrary, if the steel is thinner, If the diameter of beats is appropriately reduced, the sharpness can be increased and the cutting efficiency can be improved.

The choice of steel concrete cutting wire saw is related to the cutting machine

There are two kinds of wire saw machines for concrete cutting. The first is a hydraulic wire saw cutting machine. This kind of machine does not require high electrical power. It mainly cuts narrow concrete piers, beams and walls. The cutting method is from Cut from top to bottom. The second type is the orbital wire saw machine, which is suitable for buildings with larger cutting surfaces.

There is a big difference between the wire saws applicable to these two machines. The hydraulic wire saw motor has a low power and does not require high cutting efficiency during the cutting process. Therefore, the wire saw can choose a cheaper iron-based matrix, in the diamond part. , You can use some not too high grade diamonds, you can also complete the cutting of concrete.

However, the second type of wire saw has a large motor horsepower during the cutting process, and consequently a larger pulling force, and a larger cutting surface. In this case, the diamond wire saw needs to have higher cutting performance, so the diamond grade Parameters such as hardness also need to be improved.

Generally speaking, the wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting needs to be based on the cutting material and the machine. It must not be used to cut all steel-concrete structures with a wire saw. In this way, the efficiency of the wire saw is likely to be low, the service life is greatly reduced, and the cost-effectiveness is reduced. The emergence of the situation.