Machine for cutting stone with diamond wire saw

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Diamond wire saw is a tool often used in stone processing, but what machine is it used on? Many people have no that concepts. This article introduces several common wire saw machines to let everyone better understand the knowledge of diamond wire saws and stone cutting machinery.

Mine wire saw machine used in block mining: Mine wire saw machine is a relatively common model in the mining process. The main structure is a fuselage, two upper and lower flywheels and a track. The inside of the fuselage is mainly a motor, which is driven by the motor. The driving wheel rotates. In the actual wire saw cutting process, the driving wheel drives the wire saw to complete the cutting work of the mine. The flywheel mainly functions to expand the cutting angle. A wide cutting angle can effectively reduce the bending of the beaded wire saw, thereby prolonging the service life of the wire saw and reducing the risk of the bead falling off. The track part is the track used for the wire saw machine to move backwards. Through the adjustable angle track, the wire saw machine can complete the cutting at any angle, and the timely adjustment of the track angle can make the wire saw cutting surface more variable.

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Mine wire saws generally use motors with a mechanical power of 35KW, 45KW, 55KW, 75KW, and 120KW rated power. The power depends on the size of the stone cutting surface and the hardness of the stone. For example, when cutting large blocks of more than 100 square meters, choose 75KW. Or 120KW machinery is better, which can prevent the machine power from causing excessive load and damaging the machine, but if you cut small faces, then 35KW or even some 27KW machinery on the market can also be used.

Block trimming wire saw machine: This kind of wire saw machine is mainly used in stone factories. Its structure is very simple. The flywheel is fixed on both sides. During the cutting process, the wire saw completes the cutting from top to bottom, which can make the edges appear irregular. The stone is processed into blocks with smooth edges, which facilitates the later cutting of the blocks. In the cutting process, the block can be trimmed on one or more sides through the rotating worktable of the trimming wire saw and the turning stone machine. At present, wire saws mined in mines generally directly use mine wire saws for trimming, but if using wire saws or mine saws, trimming is not required.

CNC  wire saw machine: This kind of wire saw machine is mainly used in stone factories and adopts numerical control processing mode. This machine can cut almost any shape of stone blocks or plates. Compared with water jets, this processing method can be applied On large stone blocks, the application range is more extensive. CNC processing machinery mainly uses wire saws to cut large-scale three-dimensional stone sculptures, stone tombstone monuments, roadside stones, stone piers, text sculptures, solid and hollow medium and large columns, plate hollow pattern processing, and can even be used for countertops and arcs. Cutting of stone edges, etc. The stone factory has such a machine that can complete a variety of tasks, so it is currently widely accepted.

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Multiple wire saw group saws: This kind of machine is currently available in few manufacturers in the world. Only some manufacturers in Italy and China can produce it. Multiple wire saw cutting can greatly speed up the processing efficiency of stone blocks to plates. To reduce the waste of raw materials, although there is still a gap in material saving compared with the frame saw, its cutting efficiency and versatility to stone can completely make up for its shortcomings, but the high price is still prohibitive.

In addition to the above wire saws, hydraulic wire saws actually have a good amount, but due to the limited cutting methods, high prices, and low efficiency, the usage of this kind of machinery is not high.