Diamond wire saw removal scheme

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Diamond wire saw mainly has two kinds of cutting objects, namely, stone and reinforced concrete two categories, of which stone processing with wire saw mining, special stone cutting and cutting of waste material and sheet, but for cutting reinforced concrete, is mainly carried out demolition works, such as old residential buildings, need to be dismantled steel mixed structure load-bearing walls, bridges and docks, will use diamond wire saw. So what exactly is included in the demolition plan for the diamond wire saw?

Engineering introduction and calculation of cutting area: If a project needs to be cut, first of all, the overall floor or bridge cutting surface needs to be analyzed, through three-dimensional measurement map, calculated the preliminary cutting area, through cutting area, select the right wall saw and diamond wire saw, the amount of work to plan, calculate the demolition cycle, as well as demolition costs.

Wire saw removal preparations: According to the size of the project to choose the right wire saw cutting machine, generally choose the track wire saw machine, also known as the mining wire saw machine, power, you can choose 22KW power machine can meet the cutting requirements, this wire saw machine is suitable for cutting the front, side and above the building, this wire saw machine has high cutting efficiency, simple cutting process and so on, but the disadvantage is that in the cutting process, the bending degree of the wire saw will be reduced because of the reduction of the cutting surface, resulting in the bending of the wire saw in the later stage of cutting. In cases such as broken wires, if the cutting area is large, 27KW or higher motor power can also be selected.

 Diamond wire saw, concrete cutting wire saw

In addition to the track wire saw machine, hydraulic wire saw machine is also a necessary wire saw machine, this wire saw machine is suitable for cutting the concrete structure below, and this wire saw machine will not be because of cutting lead to the wire saw bending greater, in the process of use, the cutting process is more stable, wire saw service life will be appropriately increased.

Drilling tools, using core drills of various specifications to open the concrete, this practice is to facilitate wire. Diamond wire saw, choose sharpness and life are balanced diamond wire saw, the quality of large brands will be more stable, less broken wire situation, such as Linxing diamond wire saw, quality and life are very good, plus product prices are lower than the same quality products, is currently one of the choice of steel mixed wire saw.

Demolition process: First of all, if cutting the wall, the overall block of building (such as load-bearing wall, road guardrails, etc.), need to be cut objects to punch holes, and then the diamond wire saw into the pores, around the wire and wire saw through the joint to connect, and finally put the wire saw into the wire saw machine flywheel, through the wire saw machine pull, and finally complete the steel mixed construction cutting.

Wire saw removal precautions:

1: Be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the cutting surface, for different thickness of steel bars, choose a more suitable diamond wire saw.

2: construction must pay attention to safety, the use of remote control cutting, wire saw around 25 meters as far as possible no one.

wire saw, diamond wire rope

3: Be sure to give the right amount of cooling water during the cutting process, so that the wire saw string beads in the cutting process to maintain a stable cutting performance.

4: Demolition must be careful to prevent hitting people, so it needs to be removed from top to bottom, and the removal surface under the fixed steel frame and wood, to prevent hit the ground.

5: underwater cutting must choose a special custom diamond wire saw, ordinary steel mixed wire saw cannot be very good to complete the cutting, cutting slip is the common wire saw often encountered problems.