Instructions for use of diamond wire saw

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In the process of using the diamond wire saw, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1: Before using the wire saw, be sure to determine the integrity of the outer plastic or rubber connection. Especially rubber, because of this characteristic rubber is prone to problems in low temperature environment. Especially in the winter of minus 30 degrees Celsius, after a winter, the wire saw will obviously peel off, break the skin and so on. What's more serious is that the wire saw will have no rubber and no elasticity, which directly leads to the quality problem of the wire saw. In addition to the case of rubber wire saws, plastic wire saws also have requirements for the environment. Too high and too low temperature storage will have a bad effect on the external connection parts. Of course, when storing the wire saw, try to vacuumize it and store it at normal temperature.

2: Before using the wire saw, use hydraulic pliers to cut the wire saw. In the process of cutting, be careful not to reduce the length of the wire saw too short or leave it too long, which will not only affect the cutting power in the later stage, but also cause the incision to be uneven and the cutting to shake. Of course, don't cut against the side of the bead, which will cause unnecessary trouble and waste in the later knotting process.

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3: Straighten the wire saw when using it, and start twisting it according to 1-2 turns/meter, which can effectively prevent partial wear. Generally speaking, during the winding process, it is best to circle the circle with both hands at the same time to prevent uneven circles. The actual number of turns depends on the hardness of the object to be cut, the mechanical power, and the actual length of the wire saw.

4: Determining the Sequence of Wire Saw Runs. According to the running track and sequence, keep the arrow of the wire saw pointing in the same direction according to the cutting direction. Do not reverse the direction, otherwise, the efficiency of the wire saw will be slow and the cutting edge will be slow.

5: Peel off the connecting rubber. It is necessary to determine the length of the peeling rubber, the best is to have a certain distance from the beads on both sides, and then connect the wire saw into a closed loop through hydraulic clamps and crimps.

6: In the actual cutting process, it is necessary to avoid acute angle cutting to avoid damage to the wire saw, and if necessary, increase the support guide wheel. If you do not use a pulley, you can switch to an used wire saw for finishing before the cut is complete.

7: The rubber ring of the guide wheel is very prone to wear. This situation will reduce the fit between the wire saw and the guide wheel, which will affect the wire speed of the wire saw, and thus affect the cutting efficiency. It is necessary to replace the rubber ring of the guide wheel in time to solve the problem.

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8: When cutting with a wire saw, it must be cooled. The amount of water can be adjusted according to the noise during cutting and the turbidity of the cooling water. The amount of cooling water is not as much as possible. Excessive cooling water can easily affect the self-sharpening of the wire saw and make the wire saw slip. Too little cooling water is easy to make the beads heat up and affect the cutting life. Therefore, the water flow cut by the wire saw must be moderate and constantly adjusted according to the situation.

9. To ensure the tension of the wire saw, the tension is too small, the cutting speed is slow, and the wire saw is easy to fall off. Too much tension, the wire saw wears out quickly, and there is a risk of breaking the wire at the connection.

10. If the wire saw is not in use, we need to dry the wire saw and roll it up and store it in a dry place for next use. If it is not used for a long time, it is also necessary to apply anti-rust grease to the wire saw.