Introduction Of Common Parameters Of Diamond Saw Blade

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The common parameters of diamond saw blades have the following categories, let's take a look:

1. Saw blade diameter: The diameter of the saw blade is also called the outer diameter. When a saw blade draws a straight line from the center point of the inner hole and coincides with the outer edge of the segment, this line segment is also the outer diameter. The outer diameter of the saw blade is mainly including the diameter of the base body and the height of the two segments. (It does not refer to the length of the saw blade base without the height of the segment, nor does it refer to the distance from the center point of the groove to the center point of the symmetrical groove.)

2. The diameter of the saw blade: the diameter of the saw blade is also called the inner diameter, which is the diameter of the middle hole of the saw blade. The determining factor of the inner hole diameter is the machine used, and the flanges of different tools are matched with different diameters, such as within 50mm  inner hole saw blade , such as 22.23inch hole diameters, those are relatively common.

3. Weight: The weight parameter of the saw blade is very important. Generally speaking, the same saw blade size, the heavier the weight of the saw blade, the better the ability to maintain stability during the cutting process, its impact resistance ability is improved, and the swing frequency is reduced. And the flatness will also increase, and there will be better cutting quality during the cutting process. On the contrary, if the base of the saw blade is light, the cutting deviation is likely to occur during the cutting process. Although the cutting efficiency can be appropriately improved, the operation is difficult, which is not conducive to fast and stable cutting.

4. The size of the segment: The size of the segment is also very important. The parameters of the segment are divided into length, width and height. The length determines the life of the segment, the stable cutting ability, and the width determines the chip removal ability and cutting efficiency of the segment and the height determines the service life of the segment

5. The recommended cutting depth: this is a certain range value given when the diamond saw blade maintains stable cutting, such as 2-5cm, which is a relatively common cutting depth value. The specific situation depends on the actual cutting stone, machinery, etc to analysis the situation.

6. Welding strength: The saw blade and the segment can be combined by high-frequency welding or laser welding. Among them, the welding strength of high-frequency welding is generally low, 2.5/3 is more common, but the laser welding strength is high, 5 /5.5Mpa is more common. If cutting hard materials, if the welding strength is not high, it is easy to lose teeth, which is not good for the use of saw blades.

7. Bending strength: The bending strength of the saw blade is mainly the bending strength of the substrate, that is, the bending strength of the metal. If the bending strength is not high, it is easy to break the saw blade and cause an accident that hurts people, so increase the saw blade bending strength of the blade base can not only keep the saw blade with good cutting ability, but also ensure the safety of personnel.

8. Slots: Common saw blades have three types of slots, U-shaped, keyhole, and fish hook slot. Among them, U-shaped grooves are suitable for marble or soft granite cutting, while keyholes are mostly used for medium-diameter saw blades, suitable for cuts reinforced concrete and granite, while the hook blade is suitable for cutting ceramics, artificial stone and brittle marble.

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