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Diamond segment in the manufacturing process of the two most important parts, the first is design, the second is production. First of all, the design, good segment in the design will be convenient according to customer needs, customization and customer demand consistent products, such as sharpness and life, often have a unique design, and the formula is the basis of a good segment. In terms of production, from stirring to final release dressing, there are a lot of processes in the middle, but also involve a lot of details, so this part mainly focuses on the overall processing process, good technology can produce a better-quality segment.

First, we need to understand what a good diamond segment is:

1: From the appearance, a good diamond segment after the cutting edge, or cutting for a period of time, we can look at the front of the diamond tail situation, a good diamond segment has a clear tail, in general, the more the number of tails, the longer the length, the sharpness of the cutting will be the better, and the higher the quality of the segment.

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2: From the sound to listen to, good diamond segment in the cutting process, there are very few large numbers of sparks and harsh noise, cutting sound is relatively smooth, but also further indicates that cutting efficiency and performance is qualified.

3: From the final cutting efficiency analysis, a good segment in cutting efficiency is significantly higher than ordinary segment. Although in the actual cutting process, the number of cutting plates and mechanical speed, segment speed and segment speed, but a good segment can appropriately increase these three speeds, so that stone cutting faster.

4: From the final cutting material or length of analysis, a good segment must have a good life, can further reduce production costs, reduce welding frequency and cost, but also allow the substation to have a longer service life.

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So how exactly did the good diamond segment come about?

Good diamond segment is relative, nature, the variety of stone, the use of machinery in various countries is not the same, coupled with different operating habits, it is difficult to have a product can be cut, so specific to every country, every region, even every stone factory, because of different needs, so good diamond segment is very difficult to define, but in line with the best design concept, Lin Xing diamond tools perennially committed to diamond segment research and development, In the most important two links, formula and process master the core technology, the company is currently regardless of the product formulation and customer requirements of the matching degree or the company's production process achievements in the stability of the company's products, have been recognized by our customers.

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