The latest formulation design direction for diamond segments

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Marble segments are diamond segment products named by cutting materials. This type of product is mainly used for cutting marble. In order to distinguish the shapes of marble segments in different sizes, we distinguish them from four different angles, which can be better understand the difference between the shape of the marble segments and othersegments.

The size of the medium-diameter saw blade is mainly the saw blade with a diameter of 300-850mm. This type of saw blade is also divided into different uses. Usually the most common saw blade with a diameter of 300-450mm is mainly used for marble trimming; and the diameter Saw blades of 350-650mm, equipped with a horizontal cutting substrate, become horizontal cutting saw blades, and two-way stone cutters; and saw blades with a diameter of 400mm-850mm can be used as a counter-breaker for marble. Although the purpose of the saw blade is not the same, in terms of the shape of the segment, all the R-shaped segment are selected, which is also the most common shape of the marble blade for the medium diameter saw blade.

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From the diameter of 900mm to the saw blade with a diameter of 3000mm, the diamond segment used are also called large segment. There are two main uses: First, the biggest use of marble large segment is to use in single-blade saws. (It can be a gantry big cutting or a combined cutting mounted on a single-blade saw blade). The diameter of the saw blade is 900-3000mm. This kind of saw blade depends on the height of the block. Large blocks are mounted on large saw blades , and small blocks are mounted with small saw blades. The second purpose is to multi blade saws, which are used to mount multiple saw blades of the same specification for cutting harder marble products (marble that requires adhesive and grid cloth is not suitable for this type of machine). The main size is 1000mm in diameter and two sizes of 1200mm. These two different uses also depend on the plant's machinery and equipment. The straight shape is the main one in the shape of the segment.

Marble segments also include a special kind of product, which is the segment for gang saw cutting. This segment is welded to the gang saw blade. During the cutting process, the gang saw blade is continuously pushed back and forth to complete the marble cutting, in the cutting process, adopt of multiple gang saw blades, the efficiency of cutting block is greatly improved. The most important thing is that the size of the gang saw blade is small. This way of processing can ensure the maximum yield rate. A block of 3-4 cubic meters can save 10-20 square meters of stone. In addition, the gang saw segments adopts a high-cobalt formula, which not only ensures the cutting efficiency of the blade, but also takes into account the service life. It is an important processing tool for modern marble sawing. There are two shapes of marble segment for gang saws. The first is a rectangular parallelepiped, the other is a trapezoid, this design is a latest design to increase the cutting efficiency.