Diamond beads wire saw for large mines

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Large-scale mines need to cut the mountain during the mining process. In the early days, people used blasting for mining, but this method has a great impact on the environment, whether it is noise or dust pollution. This method is also extremely dangerous. With the increasing use of stone, people continue to improve the mining technology. Drilling has become another processing method after blasting. However, although the drilling of drills is much more environmentally friendly, In the mining process, a lot of stones are still wasted, and the efficiency is not high. With the development of diamond tool products, diamond wire saws are gradually being used. This kind of products with low pollution, stone saving, high efficiency and high safety are slowly replacing the previous mining methods.

Why use wire saws in large mines? The main reasons are as follows:

1: Large-scale needs more reasonable planning. The previous mining method of digging one piece from the east and knocking one piece from the west cannot maximize the use of mining resources. Many stones are in a state of wasted. For a non-renewable resource such as stone, it is very pity. Diamond wire saw can make a mining plan in the early stage of mining. This kind of plan will benefit future generations for a long time, rather than artificially destroy it. While making the buildings of this world high-end, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery of green water and green mountains.

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2: The previous mining process has caused a lot of waste. Many small and medium-sized stone blocks are directly discarded at the foot of the mountain, and new stone waste is gradually formed. This waste stone and stone powder will not only pollute the environment, but also As time goes by, it slowly flows to the surrounding fields, making it impossible to grow food in the fields.

3: Large-scale mines need larger stone materials. The price of stone has a great relationship with the size of the mined materials, because the larger the material, the greater the possibility of it. For example, for stone sculptures, the integral sculpture is far better than the later use. The price of glue-bonded sculptures is much higher, and the only diamond wire saw that can mine large-surface stone at present, which can mine large blocks of tens or even hundreds of cubic meters.

4: Wire saws are safer. At present, diamond wire saws structure is very scientificare and gradually using withholding beads for production, and wire saws are also mostly operated by remote control processes. In the mining process, personnel and wire saws are far away, so as to maximize This reduces the possibility of operator injury or death.

diamond wire saw, stone quarrying tools, diamond tools for mining

5: Wire saw has more possibilities. Many times, in the process of mining, you encounter some special situations, such as cutting some special-shaped stones. At this time, the wire saw can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can be adjusted according to needs. The angle and the size of the cutting object will finally cut out any adjustable block shape.

6: The use of wire saw in large mines can enable one person to guard multiple machines, which saves labor and increases cutting efficiency.