Diamond segments powder

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Diamond segments powder has two understandings. The first one is a relatively uniform solid powder state formed by mixing and mixing various metal powders and diamond powders for a long time. Through cold pressing and high temperature sintering, The metal melts at high temperatures to form a denser alloy. During the cooling process, the diamond powder can form a strong physical and chemical holding force with the metal, so that the diamond has a better High utilization rate, thereby reducing production costs and increasing cutting efficiency. The second understanding is that the metal powder used for diamond segment processing, that is, it only includes powders of various metals, excluding diamonds. This powder is mainly used for small factories that do not have the ability to develop formulas and blends. They need to purchase and blend. Good metal powder, and because of the huge number of such small factories, an industry is formed, that is, alloy powder factories.

Although the Chinese meaning of diamond segment powder is ambiguous, there is not much difference in the actual design of the raw material ratio of the main alloy base. The difference is the actual ratio of various elements. This article is mainly based on The metal composition contained in diamond segment alloy powder is explained:

Let’s talk about the iron-based segment first. The iron-based segment is a cheap segment product with a very wide range of applications. The main metal element of this type of segment is Fe. Fe alloy has extremely strong wear resistance and extremely high hardness. Therefore, it has a very wide range of applications in cutting high-hardness stone or concrete, and it is also useful in abrasives, such as rough grinding and cement floor grinding, and also has strong applicability in drilling tools. In addition to the main iron powder, a small amount of copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, tin, aluminum and other metal powders are also commonly used materials for iron-based segment powders (the content of iron powder occupies more than 40%), but only in the proportion of blending On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the cutting object, the appearance of the segment, the cutting efficiency and the service life together, and finally determine the formula ratio, mix these metal materials, and finally form the iron-based diamond segment powder.

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Then there is the copper-based segment. The copper-based segment is expensive and has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for the processing of soft stone such as marble and limestone. The copper-based segment has a stable structure, good holding power, and adjustable abrasiveness. Features such as wide range. In terms of composition, a large amount of copper powder almost occupies 40-60% of all metal materials in the segment, and then manganese, nickel, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, cobalt and other materials are added to form a denser segment. The main mixing direction is the content of copper powder and the content of cobalt powder, which determine its service life and cutting efficiency. Since the beginning of 2021, the price of copper powder has soared, followed by the soaring price of marble segment, so the raw material of diamond segment powder greatly affects the price of segment.

Cobalt-based segment, cobalt powder is a metal powder commonly used in segments, which has a great impact on the quality of the segment. At present, the cobalt-based powder segment has a low-cobalt formula and a high-cobalt formula. The low-cobalt formula of segment cobalt The powder content is 10-40%, and then iron or copper powder is used, plus metal powders such as zinc, tin, nickel, etc., to form a diamond segment product with a very high density and a very stable structure. For the high-cobalt formula, the content of cobalt powder is 40%-100%. The price of this segment is very expensive. However, due to the good performance of cobalt powder, the holding force with diamond can reach the best state, which can maximize the use of diamond. Therefore, it is also the mainstream design direction of high-end segment products. In terms of product application, cobalt-based segment powder products are widely used in gang saw segments, marble segments, etc.

Diamond segments, stone cutting tips, stone cutting tools

In general, diamond segment powder needs to be reasonably analyzed based on the three factors of the cutting object, the machine used, and the customer's needs, and finally a segment product suitable for the customer's needs can be deployed, and the segment powder is the biggest variable.