Diamond wire saw structure

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The diamond wire saw is mainly composed of five parts. The functions of these five parts are different, but when combined, the wire saw becomes a diamond cutting tool that can cut at any angle and is extremely widely used.

1: Wire rope

The wire rope is the connection foundation of the wire saw, and also the most basic structure of the wire saw. Without the wire rope, the entire wire saw structure will no longer exist. This is the reason why the so-called skin will be attached. In the selection of wire ropes, multiple steel wires with extremely strong tensile force are generally selected, and the wire ropes are wound in a clockwise direction to obtain extremely strong tensile force. Below the ultimate tension, it is ensured that the wire rope will not be stretched, so that the diamond beats can be fixed on the wire rope intact, and the cutting of hard materials is finally completed.

The braiding method of the wire rope is also extremely important. In addition to the normal winding method, the interpenetrating style braided rope is also useful in the rope connection process, especially in Brazil. During the rope connection process, the two wire ropes are first disassembled and then The two ends are wound around each other. In fact, this method of braiding the rope has a great influence on the strength of the connecting rope, and it is much stronger than the ordinary connecting rope method.

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2: Beats

Diamond beats are the second core component of wire saw, because the diamond in beats is the main cutting tooth, wire saw without beats is doomed to cut nothing. At present, there are two main types of beats. The first is single-layered beats. The main processing technology is electroplating and hot-press sintering. Among them, hot-press sintered beats are mostly used. The advantage is that this kind of beats has a higher life and lower cost. And a single layer of beats can significantly improve the edge-cutting effect of beats, and appropriately improve the cutting efficiency. The second type is double-layered beats. This type of beats are mainly brazed diamond beats. The main reason for double-layered beats is that the cutting life of single-layer brazed beats is too short. In order to appropriately increase the life of these beats, the double-layer structure It also came into being. The advantage of brazing beats is high cutting efficiency, especially for cutting soft marble, which can increase the cutting efficiency by 2-4 times. The disadvantage is that the cost is higher, and it is more obvious when cutting hard granite.

3: Connector

The wire saw must be connected to the rope during use. The use of wire saw to form a ring structure can exert its cutting ability, and only in this way can it be used on the wire saw machine, and the process of closing the wire saw requires a joint. At present, there are many kinds of wire saw connectors. The main method is to connect the rope. There are two ends unconnected, two ends winding, two ends bonding, etc., which can be selected according to the needs of the site.

Wire saw joints also have differences in diameter. In the process of connecting the rope, selecting the appropriate diameter of beats can significantly improve the joint strength of the wire saw. Of course, the material of the joint is also very important.

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4: Fixed connection

The beats and beats need to be connected by connectors, which also play a role in fixing the beats. For wire saws with a diameter of 10mm beats or more, the beats are larger, and the use of rubber will make the beats fixed more firmly, while the ones with a diameter of less than 10mm beats, plastic fixing will be better, because plastic has excellent elasticity, in the process of factory processing, will not encounter too many geological mutations, cutting difficulty is reduced, and the rope weaving technology also makes plastics more suitable for smaller diameters The beats are fixed.

5: Arrow

The arrow is the direction of the wire saw blade. If it is not marked, in many cases, the cutting direction will be wrong during the cutting process, which will reduce the cutting efficiency of the wire saw. In order to avoid this situation, the arrow is marked as the wire saw must be carried out during the production process. Marked.