Beats diamond wire saw application

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Diamond wire saw is a kind of steel wire rope carrier, the surface is fixed with diamond powder through various processes, and the closed diamond wire saw is driven by the wire saw machine to perform circular linear movement, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting hard materials. In a broad sense, diamond wire saws include beats diamond wire saws and diamond wire saws. Wire saws are mainly used in aircraft fuselage cutting and the gem industry. Beats diamond wire saws have the following six applications. Let’s take a closer look:


The diamond wire saw used in mining can be traced back to the Carraraka white marble mining area in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s. Later, with the continuous innovation of diamond wire saw beats production technology, diamond wire saw mining of granite and other hard stone mines became possible, while the production cost of diamond wire saw continued to decrease, diamond wire saw continued to be used in various mines. , Large-scale mines will be equipped with diamond wire saw mining machines in order to complete larger, faster, more tidy, and more planned mining of ore bodies.

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Block shaping:

Block shaping refers to the use of diamond wire saws to cut out irregular parts around the blocks, which is convenient for processing in the next process. The most common one is shaping the bottom of the ore body. This can facilitate the cutting of blocks into plates, and the blocks will not appear. Shaking due to uneven bottom, resulting in uneven cutting.

Special-shaped stone cutting:

Special-shaped cutting refers to the use of diamond CNC wire saw machines to process the stone to be cut into various shapes such as cylinders, arc plates, and S-shaped objects according to computer programming. Special-shaped stone is mainly used for the cutting of all kinds of irregular stone materials such as text carving, columns, stone carvings, Roman columns, cultural columns, monuments and so on.

Sheet cutting:

In the field of batch processing of large veneer stone materials, there are currently three methods at home and abroad, including frame saws (sand saws, gang saws), combined circular saws, and multi-rope saws.

The new technology of multi-rope sawing machine for processing stone slabs developed and gradually matured in the late 1990s. Compared with traditional sand saws, it has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, high environmental protection, high quality, and operation. Simple and other characteristics, it is a kind of processing method that innovates and replaces the traditional sand saw processing method, and it has a trend of replacing it. Multi-rope sawing machine is a technological revolution in stone slab cutting, and it is a kind of progress across the age.

Steel concrete cutting:

Reinforced concrete is a commonly used building material, and it is widely used in houses, bridges, airports and mines. Ordinary reinforced concrete can be divided into 14 grades including C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75 and C80. The strength standard of concrete refers to the measured compressive strength of a cube with a side length of 150mm after 28 days of curing. But in the field of reinforced concrete wire saw cutting, we often use the concrete's steel bar content to characterize it, that is, the percentage of the total steel bar area to the sawing area.

With the application of concrete, the cutting of concrete has also become a huge project. The commonly used cutting methods now mainly include thermal cutting methods (flame cutting, laser cutting), mechanical cutting methods (high pressure gas crushing, oil pressure crushing), chemical cutting methods (explosive cutting) and diamond tool cutting (especially wire saw).

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Steel plate and blast furnace residual iron cutting

When cutting steel plates and blast furnace residual iron, known data show that the cutting performance of diamond electroplated beats wire saws is significantly better than that of diamond sintered beats wire saws. This is because the diamond concentration of electroplated beats is 5 times higher than that of sintered beats. Therefore, the cutting ability of electroplating beats is much higher.

Within a short time from the beginning of material processing, the chip space of the sintered beats is filled with material chips. The bond of sintered beats is hard to wear because it is full of material scraps, resulting in the new diamond abrasive grains not being exposed. Eventually, the cutting efficiency is very low or the loss is exhausted, and the cutting cannot be performed normally.