The function and content of tin powder in diamond segment

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Tin powder is a common material in the sintering process of diamond segments, so why do you need to put this metal in the diamond segment? Is there any special effect? Then let’s take a closer look:

Increase the metallic luster of the diamond segment:

With the increasing maturity of diamond segment products, people begin to pay attention to the appearance of the segment. If the powder does not contain tin, the surface gloss of the produced segment is very poor, and there is almost no gloss. However, if you put it in the formula powder After the metal tin powder, the diamond segment produced has a strong gloss.

Improve the ductility of the diamond segment:

The ductility of tin is very good. In ancient times, some people made tin very thin. In modern times, tin is used more widely. After tin powder is put into the segment, the ductility of the segment has been greatly improved. A strong impact force will only cause the blade to deform, and it will not cause the blade to fly out and hit people due to insufficient ductility. Therefore, the increase in the ductility of the segment also greatly improves the safety of stone production.

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Tin can prevent rust:

Metal tin is a kind of metal with very high stability. People used tin pots and tin bowls extensively in their lives before. This non-toxic metal was once all the rage. Among the materials for making diamond blades, iron powder is often used, but iron is very easy to rust. Diamond blades with tin powder will not rust so easily. In the process of cutting stone, rust is also avoided. The powder polluted the slate.

Easy to solder:

After the diamond segment is produced, it is finally welded on the saw blade substrate. During the welding process, the metal tin melts quickly and quickly combines with the solder sheet to achieve fast and stable welding. Because tin is weakly active Welding metal, so the welding strength and stability of the tip containing tin powder will also be improved.

Conductive effect:

Tin is a commonly used metal for superconducting materials. During the production of diamond segments, the positive and negative electrodes in the graphite abrasive tool are energized to quickly heat up, while the tin powder can be quickly energized in the abrasive tool, so that the sintering temperature can quickly meet the production requirements.

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Aesthetic effect:

Tin powder can also react with a small amount of sulfur to produce tin sulfide. The color of this compound becomes golden yellow, which can change the surface color of the segment and make the segment more beautiful.