How to quickly weld diamond segment

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Welding diamond segment currently has four ways, namely flame welding, high-frequency welding, laser welding and cold-press sintering. Let's explain how these four ways to improve welding speed.

Flame welding, also known as fire welding, is mainly for large saw blades and super-large saw blade welding, such as mining segment, combination saw blade segment. The main advantage of this welding method is that when welding people do not need to remove saw blades, directly use tools to buckle the saw blade, so that it cannot turn, with flame aimed at the welding point, the waste segment to be removed. Then put in the pad, put the segment on it, after heating, the pad began to melt, when the pad fully melted, extinguish the flame, with cooling, the segment has been welded. The biggest disadvantage of flame welding is that it depends entirely on the proficiency of the welders, who cannot weld quickly if they are less skilled welders.

The place where the flame welding process can be lifted is that the factory can design a buckle that clamps the segment, which is used to secure the segment, and in the welding process, the buckle is attached directly to the serrated blade, which can improve welding efficiency very quickly.

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High-frequency welding: high-frequency welding is the most common method of saw blade processing, high-frequency welding machine is very many kinds, mainly automatic welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine, manual welding machine, etc. , to improve welding efficiency, the use of automatic welding machine is the most appropriate, as long as the body and welding rod, so that the mechanical automatic work, can be said to be the fastest welding method. However, this method can only be used for saw blades with a diameter of no more than 800mm, and more than 900mm diameter blades, most of which are semi-automatic welding machines.

Semi-automatic welding machine in the welding process, the use of separate welding method, that is, welding a segment, separate a tooth, and then welding, such a practice can greatly speed up the welding efficiency, and in the welding process, if separated after a tooth welding, you can turn the serif, so as to ensure that the saw blade serrated will not occur a side skew situation, for the later normal cutting to do a good job of protection.

High-frequency welding can improve efficiency of the place is not many, if you must improve the welding speed, choose a higher power welding machine, so that the welding temperature is a good choice.

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Laser welding, laser welding is a laser to quickly improve the temperature of the blade substrate and segment, so that the segment and blade local rapid melting and combined way, because this way on the substrate damage is large, will lead to saw blade multiple utilization rate decline, so at present is only for the medium diameter saw blade for a welding method.

As laser welding technology is still in the small-scale testing stage, the current welding speed improvement has yet to be developed, but in the future will not use multiple laser welding at the same time, it is not yet possible to determine.

Cold-pressed sintering, mainly for small saw blades, 230mm and below diameter saw blades commonly used in this way welding, this way to improve welding speed unless the increase in the capacity and power of the clock cover furnace, there is no other way.