Types and characteristics of diamond wire saws in mining

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Mining is the process of mining blocks in stone mines. As people's requirements for the utilization of stone resources continue to increase, more reasonable mining methods follow. How can we save stone better, how can we do better? Solving noise and water pollution, making mining easier, these are issues that people have been paying attention to. At present, diamond wire saws can solve the above problems very well. This article analyzes the types and characteristics of diamond wire saws in mining mountains. The types of diamond wire saws in mining hills can be divided into the following three categories:

Rubber wire saw:

Rubber wire saw is a kind of wire saw product with rubber as the connecting part. In the production process, the beads are first threaded into the wire rope, and then in the glue injection machine, the beads are arranged at a fixed distance, such as the common rubber beads for cutting granite. Rope (40 beads per meter), the distance is generally 25mm (refers to the distance from the end of the previous bead to the middle point of the next bead, the actual distance of the rubber part is 20mm). There are also some marble rubber ropes. In order to improve the sharpness, the beads are 37 or 38, so the distance is 27mm, 26.32mm. Normally, the shorter the connection distance of the rubber rope, the higher its life, but the lower the sharpness. Long-term experiments have proved that with 40 beads, the wire saw can maintain a relatively suitable cutting efficiency. If the connection distance is too short, it will also affect the later connection of the rope. Therefore, in general, it is more reasonable to keep the number of beads at about 40.

The rubber wire saw is a kind of wire saw that only relies on rubber to fix the beads. This fixing method has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the connection of a rubber product will not cause too many differences due to the different connection properties of multiple materials. Stable condition, rubber has high abrasion resistance and good bending resistance. When cutting small surfaces, the rubber rope saw has strong adaptability. If the rubber rope breaks, it is more convenient to connect the rope.

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Of course, there are many shortcomings of rubber rope: for example, the resilience of rubber rope is weak, once it breaks, the broken rope will easily fly out and cause injury to people. In addition, compared with springs and rubber connectors, the resistance to tension is insufficient, and the rubber is prone to cracking. Once water enters the steel wire rope, the process of oxidation and expansion will cause the rubber to become unstable; One point, the rubber rope has high requirements for the storage environment, too low or too high temperature will cause the rubber to age, making the wire saw unusable.

Spring wire saw:

The spring wire saw is a wire saw product with a spring as the connecting piece. It is not as versatile as a rubber rope. The spring wire is mainly used for cutting marble mines. This is because although the spring has good resilience, excessive stretching will cause the spring's resilience to decrease, and even if the spring is excessively bent, it will directly cause spring deformation and other reasons. It is destined that the spring rope cannot withstand too strong pulling force, so it can only be used cutting softer stones such as marble. Spring wire saws have high requirements for the sharpness of the beads. They usually use vacuum brazed beads or high-cobalt sintered beads for connection to sacrifice cutting life and maximize cutting efficiency for rapid mining.

The advantage of the spring wire saw is that the rope is rarely broken during the mining process, and even if the rope is broken, the chance of the beads falling off is small, so it is safer. But this kind of wire saw has many disadvantages. For example, it is easy to damage the spring when cutting the small surface, the spring is easy to rust, and the spring is easy to deform. In addition, it needs to be equipped with more expensive beads, which has a short service life and inconvenient rope connection and stuck rope and other problems.

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Spring and rubber wire saw:

The method of this kind of wire saw is that the inside is connected with a spring, and the outside is fixed with a rubber rope. This kind of wire saw is more popular in China and Vietnam.

Although this kind of wire saw seems to have two kinds of connectors, the connection strength should be calculated by the arithmetic of 1+1 equal to 2, but in fact, the use of connectors is not that simple. The advantages of these two connectors are integrated. At the time, there are also the shortcomings of inheriting these two kinds of connectors. For example, when the small surface is cut, the spring will still be deformed, and the advantages of rubber can not be reflected at all.

Of course, it is not that this kind of wire saw is completely undesirable. For example, the connection strength and tensile strength have been greatly improved. This kind of improvement allows this kind of wire saw to cut harder stone.