Mining diamond wire saw three elements

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Diamond wire saw is a tool that mining often has to use at present, it can complete horizontal cutting and vertical cutting of mines, can also mine larger stone, but also with the mine disc saw to carry out the bottom, but many people will find why their own wire saw easy to break the wire, cut, stuck rope, short life and other issues, but other skilled master will be much better, what causes it? This paper helps you solve the above problems through three aspects, namely, the three elements in the wire saw cutting process:

1: Cut curve arc

Diamond wire saw in the process of mining mines , if the most common round-cutting cutting method, cutting the initial stage, cutting surface is the largest, over time, cutting surface began to decrease, followed by cutting curvature radius by large and small process, in the process, diamond wire bending stress also changes, bending stress, wire saw use is more normal, when the bending stress value is too low, wire saw will also appear the danger of breaking the wire.

The bending stress of diamond wire saw is directly related to the ratio of bending diameter to steel wire diameter. With the curved diameter (expressed in D) and the diameter of the steel wire (expressed in d), that is, D/d < . . . 60, because d is a fixed value, when the bending angle is larger, the smaller the D value, it also means that the bending stress value is smaller, less than equal to 60, it can be determined that such a wire saw in a very abnormal working state.

diamond wire saw, diamond wire, stone cutting diamond wire rope

Although, both wire saws and diamond wire saws, these problems have been taken into account in the early stages of design, especially linxing diamond wire saws in the early stages of design to take into account the maximum flexibility and bending stress of wire saws. But helplessly, the actual sawing process, many times, the cutting process will encounter sharp angles of rock, hard wrap, different stone structure, when these hard layers and diamond wire saws collide, it is inevitable that there will be a great impact stress, especially when the curve arc is very large, wire saw too large bending will make bending stress increase dramatically. In this extreme case, the occurrence of wire break and stuck rope accidents is inevitable. After breaking the wire, if the flying beads hit people, it will be a disaster, if there is a string of beads stuck to the large surface, will also greatly increase mining costs, and even waste a lot of stone, still need to reopen the situation.

In general, in the mining cutting process, to prevent bending too large, can be appropriate to increase the guide wheel, minimize the curved arc of wire saws, and in the early mining to clean off raised angular angles, hard rock layer, so that the mineral material more uniform. And when the wire saw cut to the end, should stop sawing, instead of the old wire saw, this waste use better to reduce the loss of the new wire, is a very good practice.

2: Feed speed

Diamond wire saw in the cutting process, wire saw machine has two speeds, the first is the speed of the machine motor rotation, but also represents the wire saw running line speed, the second speed is the backward speed, that is, the speed of the wire saw machine moving backward. Just said is the speed of the wire saw machine, for the wire saw, there is only one speed, is the feed speed.

Feed speed and wire saw machine two speed has a great relationship, line speed, cutting process, wire saw cutting is also faster, unit time, wire saw string beads and stone friction more times, naturally also increased efficiency, when the stone friction process, stone grinding part will be accompanied by wire saw machine backward speed and fill, so that the wire saw has been maintaining the same feed speed. By the same token, if the wire saw machine back speed setting is too large, then the greater the pressure given to mining, naturally, wire saw in the process of work, the greater the pressure, the force area is consistent, the greater the natural pressure, the tension state of the wire saw to ensure the pressure and pressure of cutting, natural, the efficiency of stone grinding is greater.

diamond wire saw, diamond wire, stone cutting diamond wire rope

The feed speed of wire saw is not set at will, which is related to wire saw machine performance, diamond wire saw quality, stone hardness, stone composition and wear resistance and other factors, and in different sawing stages, feed speed is also different.

3: Water supply

Diamond wire saw in the process of mining stone, we must continue to give water, water in addition to play the role of cooling beads, but also play a role in washing, cleaning off the mine in the seams of gravel powder. But the water supply can not be too high can not be too low, too high will appear too much water, will make the diamond wire saw in the cutting process of slipping, and ultimately cut stone. But the water supply is too low, there will be diamond temperature too high carbonization, not cutting purposes.

The size of the water supply is generally based on the line speed of the wire saw, the size of the cutting surface, the length of the wire saw, etc. , generally not more than 1 ton / hour, more than 17.5L / minute, the specific situation needs to be based on the actual cutting surface and cutting object on the scene. As for the angle of the inlet water, try to feed the water in the direction of the wire saw.