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Mine wire saw is a product developed for mining. This product combines mine wire saw and flywheel to complete the vertical and horizontal cutting of the mine. This article mainly introduces the mine through the common mine wire saw specifications and dimensions. The advantages and characteristics of wire saw products.

Granite mine wire saw

There are three main sizes of wire saws in granite mines, which are divided into 11mm, 11.5mm, and 12.5mm according to the diameter of the rope. If the rope material of these three specifications remains the same and the power of the wire saw is fixed, the 11mm diameter rope-wire saw has the highest efficiency, because the smaller the diameter and the fixed pulling force, the rope will be stressed during the natural cutting process. The larger the pressure, the stronger the pressure. This is one of the reasons why wire saws are becoming more and more detailed. But the shortcomings are also very obvious. The 11mm rope needs to use a thinner substrate, and the wire rope will be thinner, so the connection strength is not as stable as the 12mm rope-wire saw. The 12mm diameter rope-wire saw has a stronger ability to withstand tension, and the thickness of the working layer on the surface will be thicker. In the process of processing, the low efficiency makes the diamond more fully utilized, which leads to this product. Longer life. The 11.5mm wire saw has a more balanced performance in terms of life and efficiency. This product will be more suitable for customers who are not too sensitive to speed and life.

diamond wire saw for cutting stone

In addition to thickness, granite mining wire saws also have different formulas. Generally speaking, rope-wire saws with diameters of 11, 11.5, and 12.0mm have different formulas. If it is a rope-wire saw with a diameter of 11mm, the formula Emphasis on sharpness can further improve the sharpness of product mining. However, in many cases, if manufacturers increase the abrasiveness of this wire saw in the process of matching, the service life can be increased, and a good cutting effect can be achieved. It is a good way to reduce costs. This is also the method currently used for lower-priced wire saws, which is to use a more abrasive iron-based formula. The 12mm granite mine wire saw is more common than the other two specifications, mainly because the wire saw has a thicker working layer and a thicker wire rope, and the rubber connection is more stable. If you use a cobalt-based plus product The life and efficiency of diamonds with higher grades will be greatly improved.

In terms of the number of ropes, 40 ropes per meter is a common configuration, but 38 ropes are also used by some manufacturers, mainly to reduce production costs and improve cutting efficiency. However, this kind of mine wire saw will have greater breakage. The risk of rope and rope falling off is not recommended.

Marble mine wire saw

Compared with wire saws in granite mines, wire saws in marble mines have more connections, such as springs, springs + rubber, and rubber. The spring connection method is mainly the Turkish wire saw connection method. The advantage of this method is to make full use of the spring rebound method and save production costs. During use, the safety of the rope rotation and fall off is improved, but the disadvantages are It is for small-surface mining, or in the later stage of mining, if the cutting surface is too small, the spring will be deformed, which will cause negative problems with the wire saw. The spring + rubber is a kind of double guarantee product that Chinese manufacturers are accustomed to. However, with the widespread use, it is gradually discovered that the addition of springs cannot solve the problem of loose rope, and even increase this The probability of occurrence of the situation, this technology is still in the process of research and development optimization.

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There are also three sizes of wire saws for marble mines. According to different rope diameters, they are divided into 10.5mm, 11mm, and 11.5mm. Generally, ropes with a diameter of 11.5mm are used, mainly because such wire saws have a higher life and safety. And the stability is also higher than the other two products. Of course, for products with high efficiency and high price of stone, 10.5mm material can save more materials and greatly improve efficiency, and some customers will also use it.

In general, whether marble wire saw or granite wire saw, in the cutting process, the finer the wire saw, the higher the efficiency, but the lower the service life, but the higher-priced wire saw tends to balance these two data reasonably. However, low-priced wire saw products are often only outstanding on one side or not on both sides, and mining is hindered. Finally, it is recommended that buyers buy more cost-effective products, not limited to price considerations. LINXING diamond wire saw rope has extremely in-depth research in mine wire saw design, manufacturing, testing and rational application, which can be considered when choosing wire saw.