Where can I buy diamond wire saw? Diamond wire saw rope manufacturers summary!

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The diamond wire saw has appeared since the 1970s, and it is still today, but it has a short development history of 50 years, but the wire saw has been applied to various fields, such as stone mining and processing, construction cutting construction, metal and alloy cutting, etc. However, there are many types of wire saws on the market, and the categories are uneven. If you choose a diamond wire saw manufacturer, it is a problem that many people face.

At present, wire saw manufacturers in the international market are mainly concentrated in four major regions. First: wire saw in Italy. Italy was the first country to develop wire saw projects. As early as the 1990s, Italian wire saws were already available. At the beginning, it can be applied to the combined wire saw machine to replace the sand saw that was still very popular at that time. Italy's wire saws are mainly combined wire saws. Mine mining wire saws, block trimming ropes and special-shaped ropes are relatively rare, which also laid the groundwork for the later development of this part of wire saws in other countries. Italian wire saws are mainly based on finer materials for scientific research. From the early 9.5mm, to the current 6.3mm, 5.4mm, and even 3.2mm wire saws, have also been developed by Italians. At present, if you cut expensive stones If you have a combined wire saw machine, Italian products are the best. Good brands include the following: TondinSrL, Pellegrini, Cofiplast, Barsanti.Simec, Bm company, MM Litalia, Diamond pauber, etc., and many companies Both produce their own brand of combined wire saw machines and sell them together, so that the Italian wire saw technology and mechanical design have been maintained at the world-class level.

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The second largest area is China: since China’s reform and opening up, the stone industry has developed vigorously. Since the 1980s, China has continued to develop from a situation where the stone mining base is almost zero. At present, China has become the world’s stone mining industry. It is a large processing country, but not a powerful country. The main reason is that China’s wire saw still has a lot of ways to go. Compared with Italy’s wire saw technology, China can only produce 6.3mm combined wire saw at present, but it is used in mines and mines. For special-shaped stone processing wire saws, the current two types of wire saws in China have slowly approached the quality of world-class brands, especially brands such as Tianshiyuan, Tebon, LINXING, and Benlang, which continue to stand out. In terms of efficiency, it has reached the first-class cutting level, and in terms of life, it has also been close to the Italian wire saw products.

The third largest region is Turkey: Turkey’s national industry is very strong, and there are many wire saw brands. In Turkey, many companies are engaged in the research and development of wire saw products. Wire saw products of electroplating technology and brazing technology are emerging one after another. At present, there are many in Turkey. Some wire saw manufacturers produce good products, but they are limited to Turkish diamond raw material technology. The price of the diamond wire saw is high, and the stability has become unpredictable due to purchasing factors.

The fourth largest area of wire saw production is India: At present, India has begun to produce wire saw products on a large scale, and its products cover from mine ropes, profile wire saws to combined wire saws, but wire saws in India are not aimed at environmental protection, so production Most of the products are made of low-grade diamonds or diamonds that have been pickled from the cutter head. Such products are lower than other markets in terms of cutting efficiency and service life. However, in underdeveloped countries, due to their low prices, they are still In an upward trend.

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In fact, there are some diamond tool manufacturers in South Korea, but they are limited to raw materials and R&D requires the cooperation of many industrial chains, which has caused the diamond tool industry in South Korea to become increasingly sluggish. At present, most Korean wire saws are OEM or attached by Chinese manufacturers. Brand production is not very competitive anymore, so the Korean wire saw is not included in the list of wire saw production areas above. Other countries, such as Germany and Japan, are constantly investing in wire saw research and development projects, but the current technology is leading, but the overall industry has not developed significantly.

In general, if you choose wire saw at present, the best product is Italian wire saw, followed by China and Turkey wire saw, and the poorer quality is wire saw in the Indian market. This is also the situation of wire saw manufacturers in the entire international market.