Key points of using diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting

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When diamond is used to cut buildings, it is called non-destructive cutting, also called non-destructive cutting and demolition engineering (technology). This technology mainly uses a running motor to quickly drive the drive shaft and flywheel to make the wire saw produce linear motion. Through the backward pulling force, the diamond  wire saw bead is used to grind and cut the object, and finally complete the hard material. During the cutting process, the whole process will not produce a lot of dust, noise, and will not cause destructive hazards to the geology and the ground, so this technology has become a new type of environmentally friendly and efficient new type of static cutting and dismantling. Construction methods.

However, the steel-concrete cutting wire saw is limited by the hardness of the cutting object, especially when the steel-concrete structure has thicker steel bars, it has a huge impact on the cutting performance and life of the wire saw, and the requirement for cooling water is very important. There are many specifications and instructions for the motor power of the wire saw machine, the placement of the flywheel, and the safety requirements. This article introduces these points of use, so that everyone can better use the diamond wire saw. The three aspects of stability and accuracy enhance the use value of wire saws and make wire saw cutting more convenient.

1: Safety is more than everything. The wire saw for cutting steel mix consists of three parts: bead, wire rope and rubber connector. Beads serve the purpose of cutting, while wire rope and rubber connector are used to fix the beads. In many cases, In the cutting process, especially in the process of cutting steel mix, when cutting the small face or cutting to the final finish, due to the small cutting surface, the bending angle of the wire saw is reduced. During the cutting process, the rope may be stuck. Once the rope is stuck, if the motor is still allowed, the beads will loosen. Once the beads are loose, the cutting effect will not be achieved. And because the beads are loose, there will be local excessive force and the beads will be  fall off and fly out, even if the beads do not fall off, this situation will continue for a long time, and it will cause the rubber and the hard material to start rubbing against each other. When the rubber is ground, the wire rope will become prominent, and finally the wire rope will start to interact with each other. Hard materials create friction and eventually break the rope. In this process, the safety issue of the use of the wire saw is also posed: how to make the wire saw safer?

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Therefore, during the construction process, no one is allowed to enter within a radius of 25 meters in the running direction of the wire saw, and no one is allowed to enter within a radius of 15 meters in the opposite direction allowed by the bead. There are also several precautions during the cutting process. For example, when it is required to cut small surfaces, try to replace the discarded wire saw for cutting to avoid premature bending of the rubber and wire rope in the new wire saw, and avoid loose beads and jams. In the cutting process, remote control is used to complete the cutting work, and the stability of the cutting is judged by sound and motor current.

2: Fast cutting is very important. In the process of cutting steel concrete, Lin Xing’s engineers found that the more efficient the product, the chance of jamming and breaking the rope will be greatly reduced. In fact, the reason is very simple. In the process of cutting, the high cutting efficiency of the wire saw represents high sharpness. In the cutting process, once the cutting is blocked, the sharp bead can quickly cut the materials on both sides through the high-speed linear speed, thereby alleviating or removing the blockage. However, the slower beaded rope cannot cut the jammed stone well, which increases the possibility of many negative factors in the cutting process.

There are two main parts to improve the cutting efficiency. The first motor power, the use of a large motor can quickly complete the cutting, this is a very simple reason, the second part is the efficiency of the wire saw, which mainly needs to be equipped with a higher sharpness product.

3: Accurate cutting is the most important requirement for wire saw work. If you have been in the concrete cutting industry, you will find that if the wire saw is jittered, the life and efficiency of the wire saw will be greatly shortened, so adjust the cutting angle of the wire saw  and the position is particularly important: Simply put, if the flywheel of the wire saw and the wire saw machine is adjusted, the wire saw cutting is more convenient, the linear cutting force of the wire saw is greater, and the pulling force of the wire saw is better. The application of this to the cutting surface requires constant experimentation and adjustment. The core point of accurate cutting lies in the placement of the wire saw. The placement of the wire saw machine and flywheel, measuring with an angle measuring instrument will make the wire saw cutting more convenient.

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4: The size of the water flow is also a very important point in the process of cutting steel concrete with a wire saw. If the water flow is too large, the beads will slip, which will reduce the cutting efficiency. However, if the cold water flow is too small, the water flow will not rise during the cutting process. The effect of cooling and chip removal is also greatly affected, which is likely to cause the secondary cutting and polishing of the wire saw and waste materials.

5: Stability is the core point of wire saw cutting. It mainly judges the stability of the wire speed of the wire saw during the cutting process, the stability of the motor current, the stability of the machine base during the cutting process, and whether the deviation of the guide wheel is stable etc. Once these areas remain stable, the process of cutting the steel mix with the wire saw is stable.

In general, the process of cutting reinforced concrete with a wire saw is a job of carefully observing the cutting process, paying attention to changes in water flow and speed, and maintaining stable cutting while ensuring safety. The cutting points are nothing more than taking many details into consideration to achieve a more detailed, more standardized and data-based experience summary.