What Are The Advantages Of Coarse Diamond Saw Blade?

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Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. Natural diamonds are called diamonds. Although artificial diamonds have been around for decades, they still cannot change the fact that diamonds are expensive. In fact, the same is true for synthetic diamonds. The larger the particle size, the more expensive the diamond.

So if these large particles of diamond are used in diamond saw blades to cut stone, will there be any difference? With such an idea, LINXING' s R&D engineers quickly invested in this job, using diamonds with large particles and diamonds with small particles to test separately, what kind of results did they get in the end?

We selected three groups of diamonds 16#-24#, 30#-40#, 50#-60# for testing. In order to make the test data more fair, we use the same weight of diamonds and the same ratio of powder to give the test data the most basic test basis. Shortly after the weighing, we put the three powders in the blender and blended them separately. In order to stir more evenly, we use laboratory stirring equipment to stir the three powders separately. The total time is 30 minutes, 10 minutes for each powder, to ensure more even mixing.

After stirring the material, it is cold-pressed, moulded, sintered, and the segment (40*4.2*13) is formed. In order to better match the three materials, in the sintering process, we give the three the same sintering temperature and holding temperature, the same pressure and holding time. After the sintering is completed, we take out three different segments, and the three segments can still see the situation of segments with different particle sizes according to the size of the diamond particles on the surface of the segment.

Select the same saw blade blank (350mm saw blade, blade blank thickness 3.2mm). We put the segment through a semi-automatic welding machine to fix the segment with the saw blade. In order to better maintain the fairness of the welding process, we use silver-copper solder pads with a silver content of 35% for welding, which ensures that there will not be too many problems in welding to the greatest extent. After welding, the saw blade is edged by the edger for half a minute. After the blade is edged out, the test and comparison test begins.

The first day: We tested and cut Maple-Red stone. Through the data comparison of three saw blades, we found that the smaller the particle size, the faster the cutting efficiency and the fastest consumption when cutting Shanxi-Black stone. For saw blades with larger particles, even the cutting does not occur, and the segment obviously cannot cut the edge. The preliminary judgment is that the number of diamonds involved in cutting is too small.

The second day: Replacement to cut the softer Shanxi-Black stone. There are some problems with the saw blades of the three types of saw blades through the second day. The cutting efficiency of the small-grained saw blades for cutting soft stone begins to decline, but it is not unacceptable. Medium-grained saw blades The saw blade cutting this kind of soft stone has obvious efficiency improvement. And the large particle saw blade cutting this kind of stone also has some efficiency improvement, but the improvement is not obvious.

Day 3: After the first two days of testing, we decided to cut some stones with moderate hardness--G654 stone. During the cutting process, it was found that the cutting sharpness of the large-grained stone began to decline significantly, while the medium-grained saw blades has been slightly improved.

In general, the coarse diamond saw blade has a good performance when cutting soft stone. If such a large-grained diamond is used for cutting marble or limestone, it should have a good effect. However, cutting hard stone can not achieve a strong cutting effect.

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