Diamond wire saw features

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Diamond wire saw is currently on the market cutting hard materials, such as metal, jade, stone and reinforced concrete and other materials common cutting tools, this tool has the following seven characteristics:

First: environmental protection, in the process of mining, most of the previous mining methods used for blasting, drilling and other ways to force mining, so that the size of the stone waste extracted is different, not only wasted stone, but also caused the deterioration of the mining environment and other conditions. The most obvious problem is that in the past mining nearby farmland due to a large amount of stone powder resulting in farmland uncultivable situation occurs, large dust and ash on the miners of the physical harm is also very serious damage.

Second: save material, if the use of wire saw mining stone, waste cut surface flat, corner is also complete, plus size specifications can be maintained consistent, so that stone exempts the later processing of the trim process, save a lot of stone resources, and in the cutting process, because the diameter of the wire saw is much smaller than the head, naturally in the cutting process, only grinding smaller volume of stone can achieve the purpose of separating stone. The most obvious manifestation is the high volume use of 5.3mm combination wire saws, which save 3-8 percent of the stone consumed by cutting wear compared to the head thickness used in single-piece saws.

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reduce noise, wire saw cutting noise decibels far less than saw blade cutting or blasting mining noise, especially wire saw noise with the increase of sharpness, noise will be further reduced and reduced. In addition, wire saws in shock absorption, water flow and other aspects of the demand is lower than saw blade cutting.

Fourth: energy saving and emission reduction, wire saw cutting process only need to circulate water, water is small, under the mine to establish a large drainage pool, the establishment of a filtration system, so that water can be recycled, one can reduce the possibility of sewage pollution of the field, but also can save more water resources.

Fifth: casual cutting, if the use of saw blade cutting, many extreme environments can not be processed, such as narrow mouth, too thick bridge, large-sided mines, these environments are required to use other processing methods to complete, but wire saw a tool can handle all can be thought of cutting angle, cutting area, as well as cutting materials. This also reflects that wire saw applications may now only be in the early stages, the future wire saw will have more cutting objects can be extended, may involve more industries or fields.

Sixth: wire saw will replace manual, artificial mining, stone is the most common way for many artisans to process stone, but wire saw will slowly hit the stone this piece of work constantly separated, in Hui'an, China, large and medium-sized carving plant began to introduce carving wire saw, through wire saw artificial stone this hard work, into a part of mechanized production, wire saw in the carving application, but also foreshadowed the wire saw has a multi-functional excavation.

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to make cutting more quickly, people cut waste material into plate process, but also people home stone necessary processing process, early people through the sand saw marble processing, and then the use of saw for marble and soft stone processing, but to date, a large number of combined wire saws appear in large stone factory, this wire saw machine can not only cut soft marble, for hard granite, but also a good cutting effect, plus the combination wire saw machine is also cutting, at the same time, 120 combination wire saw wire is also extremely common, such machinery greatly improve the wire saw processing efficiency, is currently the most efficient, the most flat cutting surface, the board thickness of the most uniform stone waste cutting machinery.

All in all, wire saw as a very common diamond cutting tools on the market, is still in the early stages of development, but there are already many applications, with the further development of science and technology, wire saw more characteristics will slowly appear, thus leading the diamond cutting tools of the new generation of use trends.