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At present, the price of granite wire saws on the market is mainly between 120-320 yuan, why are the same granite wire saws, so the price difference is so big? This article mainly introduces where prices and product differences are reflected?

The granite wire saw is composed of three parts: rope, wire rope and connecting parts. The production and procurement costs of these three parts have huge differences. Therefore, the price difference of the overall granite wire saw is caused. First, start with the rope and see which parts of the price difference are mainly reflected:

The rope is the main cutting part of the entire granite wire saw, which is related to the cutting life, cutting efficiency and cutting stability. If the rope is good, the cutting efficiency can be guaranteed and the cutting stability can be guaranteed. However, the main working part of rope is composed of alloy bond and diamond. The grade of diamond is especially important. If the grade of diamond is poor, especially the diamond from a small factory or the diamond that is pickled by recycling the secondary material, the grade is very high. Bad, this kind of diamond product is extremely unstable. When it is good, it can be cut normally, but if it encounters unstable conditions, the entire wire saw will have insufficient sharpness and consume extremely fast, which seriously affects the progress of granite mining.

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The material used by the rope to fix the diamond is called alloy bond. The strength of the bond determines the rate of diamond consumption. The stronger the bond hardness, and the higher the grade of diamond, it can be sintered to form a better quality rope, but if the bond is soft, the diamond strength If the diamond is not completely consumed, it will fall off because the bond is consumed too quickly, and the diamond will be wasted in vain. Of course, there is not much difference in the price of the bond material that fits the diamond, but a good bond will increase the holding power of the diamond, which will further increase the life of the granite wire saw.

In the second part, we start with the wire rope. The wire rope is an important part of the wire saw. All tension and impact will act on the wire rope. The grade of the wire rope also determines its tension, elasticity, and toughness. If the wire rope is of good quality, In the cutting process, the ability to be impacted is also stronger. When the cutting is blocked, it can withstand greater traction, so that the rotation of the rope will be reduced, and at the same time, the probability of rope de-beading will also be reduced.

The third part is the connecting parts, that is, rubber, spring and plastic. Good glue injection and injection molding technology can help wire saw to avoid friction between steel wire rope and granite, especially in the narrow small surface, the poor connecting parts will be directly Causes the connection part to wear out, which causes the rope to loosen.

In general, the price of diamond wire saw is affected by various raw materials. Of course, this is only part of the impact, and the more far-reaching impact should start from the details of the production process.

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1: Wire saw production process specification: only standardized production and process-oriented work can make good products.

2: Reasonable formula: It is necessary to have a research and development team, formulate product design, on-site tracking, and continuously develop more cost-effective products to meet the cutting of different granite stones.

3: The machine is more advanced: Although the wire saw industry is new, there is basically a major exchange process in 5 years, and more advanced machinery is required for machinery and technology.

4: The testing system is more comprehensive: the product can be tested more comprehensively by random inspection, so that every wire saw that is shipped from the factory has a stable quality.

5: Rich production experience and problem-solving ability: Good after-sales service is a necessary condition for the sustainable development of products.

The above five items can be met by Linxing diamond wire saw. Although the price of Linxing's granite wire saw is not low, our effort on material cost and management is much higher than the price of our company's wire saw, Linxing diamond wire saw With better products, more stable performance, richer experience, and better after-sales.