Production Process Of Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade

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The vacuum brazed diamond saw blade adopts a special welding process in the production process. This process is similar to the early electroplating saw blade production. It is to apply the diamond to the surface of the saw blade substrate, and finally fix the diamond on the saw blade substrate through a certain process.

The technology in the production process of vacuum brazed diamond saw blades mainly adopts the technology of making diamond metal surface. Allows diamond surface to be welded with active solder or nickel-based solder. During the welding process, elements or alloys are formed through strong carbides, which finally allow the diamond to form a chemical metallurgical bond with the matrix. Due to the controllable uniformity of diamond material powder, this kind of saw blade has obvious exposure of cutting diamond and high utilization rate of diamond. Customers can roughly understand the cutting performance of this saw blade without testing.

So what are the steps to produce a vacuum brazed diamond saw blade? The production of vacuum brazed saw blades requires the use of a dedicated high-temperature vacuum brazing furnace. Let's take a look at the production process of saw blades:

1: Pick a blank blade and process it. The blank blade of the brazed diamond saw blade is special. Due to the requirement of dry cutting, the blank blade is divided into non-porous and porous options. Then, before brazing, the blank blade body should be treated, such as cleaning of rust, oil and other stains.

2: Weighing and mixing of alloy powders. The metals used for brazing are generally those that react with diamond. Mainly active elements, such as vanadium, titanium, chromium powder, etc., as well as nickel powder, silver powder, copper powder, tin powder are also often used as brazing metal powders. These metals are mixed according to a certain ratio, and the mixed powder is stirred by a stirring device, and the step of mixing the metal powder is completed.

3: diamond selection: Choose diamonds of better quality and grade as much as possible. The diamond grit size used for cutting is relatively fixed, 30-40#. The diamond with this grit size has strong grinding ability, but also takes into account the waste of diamond due to too large or too small grits.

4: First, the diamond is evenly distributed to each part of the saw blade blank blade, and then the alloy powder is coated to the entire diamond part. The whole process is completed, the diamond is completely wrapped by the alloy powder, and the solder used for brazing is evenly spread on all parts of the saw blade.

5: The saw blade thus coated is put into the vacuum sintering furnace, and the vacuum treatment is started. This operation is mainly to prevent the diamond from entering the air during the carbonization process, which will cause the diamond to be excessively carbonized or the strength of the brazing will be deteriorated.

6: Warm up and keep warm: Increase the temperature in the oven to melt the solder. The molten solder reacts with the diamond and produces a more stable metal compound. The elevated temperature depends on the situation, but the temperature should not be too high. Excessive temperature will cause the diamond to be carbonized rapidly. Although vacuuming can reduce the occurrence of this situation, it will still cause some fluctuations in the quality of the diamond in the later stage. The heated brazing furnace begins to enter the heat preservation state when it reaches a certain temperature. After holding for a period of time, let the solder, metal powder and diamond fully react, and then start the cooling treatment.

7: Cool out: After the brazed diamond saw blade is cooled to room temperature, the saw blade slowly cools down, and finally the brazed diamond saw blade product we need can be obtained.

The final step is post-processing and packaging. The production process of brazed diamond saw blades is not complicated, but the complicated thing is that the vacuum brazing machine is very expensive, so this kind of saw blade is not universal at present. But in the future, as the brazing process becomes more and more powerful, this kind of high-efficiency saw blade will still be the mainstream product of cutting tools in the future.

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