The basics of the diamond segment binder

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As we all know, diamond segments consist of small-size diamonds and metal bond materials. However, do you know what the bond is made of?

The bond of segment is actually composed of powder, the specific formula is different from each company, but basically, there are four metal binder composition, they are iron-based binder, copper-based binder, cobalt-based binder and tungsten carbide binder composition. When we are in the production of diamond segment, we will certainly use one of the one. The iron base is the most common, widely used in granite segment cutting, sandstone segment cutting and some other hard but the price is relatively cheaper stone; and copper-based compound mostly used in marble and limestone cutting segment. The price of copper-based binder is relatively higher, but it does not rust, so that the marble will not rusty on the surface. Cobalt is the most expensive, but it works best, so the base is used in the gang saw segment and the segment which cutting some expensive stone such as onyx. As for tungsten carbide, the price of this material is high as well. It more wear-resistant, high-strength cracking and toughness, but the disadvantage is obvious also, that is not resistant to oxidation, and many high-end head will use such substrate materials.

two diamond segment

In addition to these metal binders, four other functional components are added to the binders: 1: binding material binder. 2: body ingredient binder. 3: Reinforced ingredient binder. 4: mild ingredient binder. For different base binder, the added ingredients are also different.