Why does the diamond segment not cut the stone? Over-carbonization is one of the reasons

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On daily stone cutting process, we will see that the saw blade in the process of cutting stone does not cut, or diamond powder become black and peeling. Most of these situations are the diamond segment in the sintering process caused by carbonization.  This is a common diamond segment quality problem, the most of the reasons for the problem are the production process did not control the sintering temperature.

flat diamond segment

In the diamond segment sintering process, if we use the chemical material absolutely not reaction with the diamond powder, then the diamond powder will hold force is not enough when it cutting, then mechanical mosaic force cannot play the maximum cutting efficiency of diamond. So, we often use the metal binder which it can be do chemical react with diamond powder. Such as copper, iron, cobalt, tungsten carbide, etc. All of these materials are can be reacting with diamonds. During diamonds reaction process, the good combination of the diamonds and metal powder will form a new substance, and such a material binder power is much greater than the strength of mechanical inlay.

However, more is less, in the production process we found that there will have problems if too much diamonds and fetal binder combined. that is carbonation problem we have said before. Diamonds and metal bond binder in high temperature will react violently, thus excessive carbonization, and it will lead to diamonds become weak and brittle, and finally it cannot cut any stone, that is the quality problem of diamond segment.

Moreover, iron bond on diamonds has corrosive effect as well. According to our analysis, in the temperature above 900℃, if there have iron material in the bond, the diamonds will become to carbon elements and penetrate into the iron material, then it will resulting in corrosion of the diamonds surface; and if the temperature up to 1200℃, the diamond will into iron material absolutely.

the diamond segment for quick cutting

Above all, whether we have to use metal binder or not?  and how to choose metal binder?

First of all, in the process of sintering the diamond segment, we should control the reaction speed of metal powder and diamond powder, so that it cannot only combine with the diamonds to form a chemical bond, but not cause the diamond to over-carbonize and affect its strength.

Secondly, in order to control the degree of reaction of diamonds and metal powder, it is also possible to consider adding other chemical elements to the segment bond.

Finally, Control the sintering temperature not in a high level to prevent the metal binder and diamond powder react violently, and try to use the pressure time to enhance the stability of the segment.