Summary of the shape of diamond segments

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Diamond segments have all kinds of different shapes, different shapes come with different cutting efficiency. Generally speaking, the cutting efficiency will be affected by different shape.  What is more, good shapes come with good cutting efficiency, it is very important for the users to choose the right shape of diamond segments .

Cube shape or Rectangle shape 

This kind of diamond segment always be used on Gang saw or marble cutting machine.  Gang saw segments are used on the parcel blades, because the blades are straight and push-pull straight cutting , the cutting parts can be mostly exhausted under this shape . meanwhile it is costly to save materials. It also be used for marble cutting , because marble is softer ,and it is easy for opening when cutting , it can meet the requirements for marble cutting.

M-type diamond segment

R-shape , it is also being called Fan shape 

It looks like a small fan , larger fan shape diamond segments mostly be used on barrel cutting machine. It is easier for arc shape materials . Basically it is normally used on medium cutting blades. Most of R shape are used for marble cutting on medium size blades . some are used for granite cutting , there is little disadvantages for this type segments .  R shape is the most welcomed shape once no special requirements needed .

M shape

This type of segments have a lot of disadvantages on opening . it is more sharp because of the small gap between the teethes , it is mostly used for cutting hard stones , but the cutting life will be shorter because of the sharpness .

K shape

It is normally be used for quarry cutting . the cutting blades will be blocked owing to the poor sharpness , the K shape segments have good sharpness and long cutting life . this K shape segments are being specially designed by Lin xing diamond tools company .

T shape

It is normally being used on Gang saw machine., medium size cutting blades , both are requires good sharpness .  the price is higher because of requiring strong impact and wear resistance .

flat diamond segment

W shape

It is mostly used on corrugated teeth cutting blades . it is required high sharpness and lifespan . such as Artificial micro spar , artificial granite etc.

There are other shapes diamond segments , such as V – shape , U – shape .  the purpose of designing different shapes is increasing the sharpness .