Diamond grade and content in marble segment

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Marble segment is a general term for a kind of diamond segment used for cutting marble stone, including gang saw segment for cutting marble blocks, single blade saw segment, combined saw blade, splitting segment for splitting marble tombstone and monument stone and also middle size diameter segments for cutting specification slabs and other stone slabs.

So they are all diamond segments. What is the specific difference between the marble segments and the diamond grades used by other segments? Then, in terms of diamond content, what are the differences between marble segments and other segments?

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The determinants of diamond grade of marble segment:

1: According to the degree of marble hardness, marbles with a Mohs hardness of less than 5 are called soft marbles, those with a Mohs hardness of 5-6 are called medium-hard marbles, and those with a Mohs hardness of more than 6 are called hard marbles. The diamond grades used for these three types of marbles need to be treated differently. The specific treatment depends on the degree of hardness of the marble, the softer the marble, the lower the diamond grade, and vice versa. The main reason is that the diamond grade is too high and the diamond consumption is too slow, which will cause the diamond to be rounded or the diamond is not fully utilized due to the consumption of the matrix.

2: Marble is divided into three types of marble series according to the wear resistance: strong abrasiveness, medium abrasiveness and weak abrasiveness. Among them, the more abrasive marble requires higher grade diamonds, the main reason is the higher the grade. High diamond, its hardness and wear resistance will be greatly increased, so that it has a longer cutting life; for the weaker abrasive stone, the diamond grade can be reduced, of course, the main reason for this is cost saving, if you don’t consider waste, you can accept high-priced customers. High-grade diamonds are better than low-grade diamonds.

3: The value of marble determines the grade of the diamond in the diamond segment. Under normal circumstances, the more expensive the stone, the higher the price of the segment used for cutting it. Of course, the grade of the diamond will be higher. In the process, high-grade diamonds are not easy to round, and will consume more slowly during the cutting process. Therefore, in the process of cutting stone, the more diamonds are involved in cutting, this approach can make the marble cutting process smoother and more stable. There will be no edge chipping, and even the thickness, speed, efficiency and other aspects of the cut stone have been greatly improved.

4: Marble colors and textures. There are many types of marbles. Soft marbles need to be covered with mesh cloth and back glue on the back. During the cutting process of this kind of marble, the cutting requirements, especially the sharpness, are extremely high. At present , high-grade diamonds are used to cut stone with more variable textures, and stone with large stone gaps or stone gaps is a relatively high-quality choice.

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The determinants of the diamond content of the marble segment:

1: The cutting life of marble segments is very long. Generally speaking, 12-high marble block segments can be used for about 30 days, and the concentration of such marble segments is almost 22-30%. But if you need to increase the number of days, increase the diamond concentration of the marble segment to about 35-50%, you can increase the service life by 20-30%, but the price of the segment needs to increase by about 30-40%. Therefore, the diamond content of a marble segment is closely related to the price. The higher the diamond concentration, the higher the price. Of course, the service life will increase accordingly.

2: The concentration of the marble segment is also related to the stability of cutting. The higher the concentration, the more diamond parts the segment participates in cutting. Although the speed will not increase under the same mechanical horsepower, it may even decrease, but the cutting stability, it is indeed greatly improved.