Diamond segment for cutting black granite

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Black stone is a gift from nature to mankind. Black represents the night sky and is the most melancholic color in nature. Black stone conveys sadness, miss, remembrance, and vicissitudes. Among many bad words, it implies hope. , Also heralds the dawn. So there are so many connotations.

In fact, pure black and pure white stone are rare in nature. At present, pure black granite stone is only stored in Asia, such as China, India, Cambodia, Japan and other places, China’s black granite veins are mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Hebei, while India’s black Galaxy Granite, Kaman black and other stone materials are mainly concentrated in Kaman, Ongoer and other areas, while Cambodia mainly produces Cambodian black, Large black stones are not unearthed in Japan, but in Japanese garden culture, especially in the "japanese rock garden" landscaping, the black stone element is a must. The main characteristics of this kind of stone are medium hardness, good abrasiveness, and the polishing degree can reach 105 degrees or more. The diamond segment for cutting black granite mainly has the following characteristics, let us understand:

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1: Black granite is not outstanding in terms of hardness. It is a medium-hardness stone. Moh's hardness is about 6.4-7.3. The most used black galaxy granite has a Mohs hardness of 6.5, while the Shanxi black stone has a hardness of 7.2. For granite, this kind of hardness stone is easier to cut. Therefore, when choosing a segment, choosing a segment with a moderate bond hardness can make the segment have the greatest efficiency and cost-effective life in the cutting process. 

2: The blocks of black galaxy granite are not big, most of the black galaxy granite blocks are 2.4*1.2*1 meters in size, so when cutting, a 2.8-meter or 2.5-meter diameter saw blade can be used to meet the black galaxy granite blocks are cut. As for the medium-diameter saw blade, since the black galaxy granite is one of the most expensive granites in the world, stable cutting without edge chipping is the most basic requirement for black granite cutting.

3: In terms of diamond, black granite is not difficult to cut, so it is most suitable to use fine-grit, high-concentration and medium-hardness diamond, the fine grit size can reduce the cost of diamonds, and at the same time make the distribution of diamonds in the segment more uniform and higher, so that the diamonds can be more fully utilized; The high concentration is to increase the cutting and grinding ability of the segment, so that the segment can be used for a longer time; as for the use of medium hardness diamond, it is to better break the diamond, and will not cause the segment to be ground flat because of the over-hardness of the diamond.

4: In terms of the material of the bond binder, using elements such as Cu-Fe-Sn-Ce or Fe-Ni-Cu-W as the basic formula can achieve a very good effect of cutting black granite, the proportion of which is specifically adjusted according to the actual cutting effect and the diamond content.

granite segment, black stone cutting tools, diamond segment for black galaxy granite

In general, black granite is not a difficult point in the cutting process. Just need to grasp the bond of the cutting segment, diamond content and other data, choose a segment with better stability and higher cost performance. Lin sing Diamond Tools has been committed to cutting black granite stone such as Shanxi Black and black galaxy granite for more than ten years. Mastering the leading core diamond segment formula ratio and mature production technology, I believe it can help stone companies improve black stone cutting efficiency and reduce production costs. ,Lin sing is willing to reach a long-term cooperation agreement with the majority of black granite stone manufacturers to promote a favorable situation for both parties.

It is worth mentioning that the black granite that you sometimes see may not be black by itself, but may be a dyed plate made after dyeing,. For example, people used to dye Fujian G654 black and sold it as black stone. .