What are the characteristics of segment cutting in Linxing Granite Mine?

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Granite mine segment is a diamond tool product used in granite flat mines and mountain foot mines. It is used on circle saw machine slices to realize cross cutting through rails, and finally cut the mine surface into square blocks of the same size. The wire saw completes the bottom cutting and completes the mining of the blocks. So what are the characteristics of granite mine segments? What are the advantages of Linxing's mine segment? This article responds to these two questions so that everyone can better understand Linxing and mine segment.

What are the characteristics of granite mine segments?

1: The cutting edge must be fast. In the early stage of mining, the blade and the granite have friction, and the segment needs to be sharpened quickly. Otherwise, the diamond of the segment is not exposed, so the stone cannot be cut. For segments with poor blades, the grinding efficiency will be greatly reduced, and there will be jams, saw blade swings, etc., so the M-type and K-type segments with better blades are more suitable for mining, and granite mining segments are also mostly used. Segments in two shapes.

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2: The sharpness must be high. For mining projects, time is money. The faster the mining, the more materials are produced, which means that the mineral resources are abundant. First, there can be a relatively stable supply, and second, the mining can be effectively reduced. Cost, so high efficiency is a constant requirement for mining, and a segment with high sharpness can solve this situation well. Such a segment can be mined in the same time during the processing of a segment with a low sharpness. 1.2-2 times the stone.

3: The stability is higher. The diamond segment produced by some manufacturers has poor stability, such as insufficient mixing time, insufficient or too high sintering temperature, too low sintering pressure, insufficient holding time, and segment design problems For other reasons, the stability of the segments in granite mines will be insufficient. The impacts include: segment tooth loss, some segments cannot be cut due to excessive diamond carbonization, the segment cutting surface is blunt and the saw blade is deformed, bending and so on .

So what are the advantages of the Linxing mine segment?

First, Linxing will sharpen and sharpen the segment before leaving the factory. Through these two attentive services, customers can get the segment as soon as possible to quickly perform welding, and because the segment has been sharpened, So it can be cut and mined directly.

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Second, the sharpness of Linxing segment is very good. Compared with the segments produced by other friends, the segment efficiency of Linxing mine is generally higher, and it takes into account a longer cutting life. Compared with the segment of the same industry, the life expectancy is 10%-15. %.

Third, in the process of segment production, Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. implements a full inspection of quality and quality inspection, from mixing, cold pressing, to mold assembly, hot pressing, each process is strictly managed, and problems occur. The strict management mode that cannot be carried out in the next process makes the quality of the product extremely stable.

Fourth, the biggest advantage of Linxing’s mine segment is comprehensive after-sales service. If something goes wrong, the company’s compensation system is extremely comprehensive, which gives customers peace of mind and peace of mind, greatly improving the good relationship between Linxing and customers, and also greatly improving Linxing brand image.