Granite block cutter segment

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Granite block cutting segment is also known as granite big segment, the so-called big, is different from the blade used in the segment and derived from the name, the most obvious feature of the large segment is its length, generally, 24mm long, which is the mainstream length of the granite segment, the current blade substation design is also close to such design specifications. The cutting edge of the segment, the length is mostly 40mm, of course, there is also part of a substation cutting teeth welding two segments, in order to increase the sharpness of the blade, but this practice is not common.

Since it depends on the length, which size does the length of the large and small segments start to distinguish? Is in this size of 900mm, the length of the segment began from 40mm long directly into 24mm long, from the jagged aspect, the segment shortened, can make the bottom of the segment do not need to grind arc too much, you can weld, if the length is too much, you need the bottom of the segment to present a more curved surface, increase processing costs, and too long segment, will lead to segment waste, cooling problems, which affect the stability of the granite block cutting segment. Comprehensive test down, the size of the large segment to maintain at 24mm long can maximize the sharpness of the segment and take into account the life, and then, such a granite segment length will slowly continue.

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Granite block cutting segment is mainly used for two types of machinery, the first is a bridge combination cut, this kind of mechanical use of saw blade substation thickness is the same, using a variety of different diameter saw blades, saw blade arrangement can be small on both sides, the middle large Saw blade combination, can also be the front large, the back gradually increase the diameter of the arrangement, but no matter how to change, the blade segment is using the same specifications, but small diameter blade in the cutting process, the cutting edge is simple, but also convenient to open a neat cut. The second is a single piece of gantry cutting, mainly using a single blade saw blade for granite stone processing, the advantage is that according to the diameter of the blade adjust the segment of the blade, in terms of material saving, there is a certain advantage, but the disadvantage is also obvious, such blade cutting granite, very low efficiency, cannot reach the combined cutting efficiency, most of this machinery is used for processing heterogeneity stone, stone carving, tombstones, monuments and other uses.

The most typical feature of granite segment is the width aspect is the upper width and lower narrow, so that the design can maximize the segment chip removal capacity and cooling effect, especially the chip removal ability, granite in the cutting process, produce a large number of stone powder and crystal particles, these particles fall into the cutting gap, in the saw blade continues to cut stone, the segment will be stone powder and stone chips for many cuts, on both sides of the segment surface wear, while increasing the temperature of the segment, reduce the stability of the segment. In the side design, granite block segment will use a strengthened pattern, also known as 3T structure, the specific performance of the segment is divided into three pieces, the middle by the protruding inverted "V" pattern, these patterns are mainly to play to maintain the cutting width, stable cutting surface, to prevent partial grinding and maintain the role of cutting gap.

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Granite block segment using iron-based binding agent, because iron and diamond have affinity, through a large number of iron powder, so that the entire segment has a strong physical stress, such a segment has a longer cutting performance, but iron-based product color will be gray-white, so granite block segment is also gray-white metal.