Granite multiblade segment

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Granite is the  most abundant stone resource in nature. As a consumable for building exterior wall and floor tiles and design decoration, how to process the granite slab with more faster way that is the greatest concern thing for all the stone process tool manufacturer. This article mainly introduce the specification and design of the segment used in the combined block cutting machine, so that everyone have a better understanding of the diamond segment product.

Diamond multi blade segment  is mainly used for granite cutting, becuase the granite construction is very hard, and its performance is very stable, the cutting slab is easy to peel pff, so far, the combined block cutting machine is one of the best machine for processing the stone.

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With people's research on granite,  combined with different requirements of customers, there are many types of combined block cutting saws, such as bridge-type multi-chip combined cutting, single-arm combined cutting, combined cutting of the same diameter, combined cutting of roadside stones, etc. Even though those machine with different diameter, but the segments have no big change.

Steel Core Thickness(mm)Segment Dimension(mm)

The multiblade segments have 4 different sizes for different thickness of blade substrate,the 5 mm blade substrate, use 24mm length,the upper cutting area wide is 7.0mm,the bottom welding area is 6.2mm,the whole segment become a upside trapezoidal,wide at the top and narrow at the bottom,in height, you can choose 13mm, 15mm and 20mm these three kinds of size to improve the cutting life of the segment.Other size 24×8.4/7.6×13(15,20) is also accordidng to the Length* upper wide/ bottom wide*common height.

The shape of the multiblade segment is generally an irregular trapeziun,The advantage of this design is that during the cutting process, try to increase the cutting area between the segment with stone as soon as possible,so that the water flow can fully pass through these cut slots, so as to have a good cooling effect, that can make sure the segment with good stability, and also can increase the debris removal ability, to prevent the segment from performing secondary cutting on the granite powder, and caused by several times worn, thus decrease the lifespan of the segment. In the cutting area, usually is M shape or flat shape, the segment with M shape mainly is for increasing the sharpness of segment, most is used for cutting the granite which is above the middle hard harness, while the flat segment can improve the lifespan of segment,is fit for cutting granite with middle hard or soft granite.except the exterior, in structure,the multiblade segment mostly is adopted multi layer stucture, it is not only improves the cutting effeciency, but also performs extremely well in the debris removal and cooling.

Compare with granite multiblade segment with single blade segment, the multiblade segment have higher requirements in sharpness and stability, think about it, if the multiblade segment sharpness is not sharp enough,it will take much cost to remove them, of course if you can make it with much higher sharpness, and also can make sure the lifespan,  it must be what the market needs.

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Linxing diamond combined multiblade segment is adopted by the latest design and industry-leading formula, which has the characteristics of high stability, high shapness, longlifespan, etc,  There are very few eccentric wear and dropped segments problem, Linxing's segment, have been loved by customers for many years.