Granite large segment recipe elements as well as effects

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Granite segment in the design process, to take into account the sharpness of cutting and the holding force of diamond (divided into physical holding force and chemical holding force), but also to take into account the sintered block hardness, elasticity, steel and other elements, so at present, granite dab segment formula is the most confidential matter of major companies, but also the core part of the diamond segment. This paper mainly through the granite formula contains elements, let us understand the composition of diamond segment formula and the role of elements.

The diamond segment used in granite cutting requires four metal compositions with the largest components, also known as the base, which are Fe, Cu, Co, WC, where Fe-based segments are mostly used for granite cutting, because Fe metal and diamond are very close, in the high temperature and high-pressure process, Fe elements can tightly wrap diamond, thus forming a more stable fetal body. For copper elements, Cu-based is mainly used in marble cutting and processing, mainly because the copper-based segment has a strong wear resistance, and in terms of antioxidant is better than iron-based elements, will not appear large areas of rust, affecting the holding power of diamond and the adverse effects of staining on the slate. As for cobalt-based, it is currently the best, and cobalt and diamond-combined segments have the greatest cutting properties and longest life, but are rare because of their high price. As for tungsten carbide-based segment, high temperature resistance properties are strong, but also because of its high price and too stable properties, high price segment will be used.

In addition to the above most important elements, Sn elements are also more commonly used elements, tin is a low melting point of the element, in more than 200 degrees can melt, in the segment to increase the amity, increase elasticity and so on. In the actual test, the segment containing tin elements has better elasticity, and melted tin elements and iron elements better combination, in terms of appearance, play a color-giving role.

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Ni element is also a commonly used metal granite segment metal, Ni has good stretch and corrosion resistance, and the melting point is relatively low, so in the process of high temperature sintering, nickel and iron are combined with each other, because the two elements are related, so the combination of the two can reduce the oxidation capacity of iron, but because of the low hardness of tin elements, in high cobalt formulation, it is difficult to see the use. The introduction of Sn elements can also strengthen the Cu substate, and the addition of this element to the copper-based segment can better increase the life of the segment.

W element is a very stable element in nature, normally speaking, the melting point of metal tungsten is very high, but in modern sintering technology, people use iron, copper, cobalt elements mixed with a small amount of tungsten metal powder, can form new sintering blocks, the formation of super-hard alloy steel, such alloy elements for granite cutting has great help, especially hardness and high temperature properties will be greatly improved, and most importantly, tungsten can form tungsten carbide with diamond. This material has a higher hardness and greater grinding ability, tungsten carbide can be consumed quickly in the case of excellent tire body, thus helping the diamond segment to open the cutting edge quickly.

The introduction of Cr (chromium), Mn (manganese) and Ti (titanium) elements strengthens the Fe substate and improves the immersion of diamond. It also plays a role in reducing oxidation, promoting reduction, and enhancing the chemical and physical stresses of binding agents and diamonds.

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In addition to these metal elements, the addition of graphite powder can improve the molding of metal powder, strengthen the Fe subs titin, form a local reduction atmosphere, the role of active sintering, in the granite segment to enhance the role of stable performance.