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Stone Grinding Brushes

Stone grinding brushes used for processing the antique brick, porcelain tile plane, convex and sheepskin surface and other surface imitation matte.

CNC Profiling Wheel

CNC grinding wheel has strong grindability, excellent polishing degree and long service life, and can customize the shape required by customers according to the shape of stone.

Frankfurt Metal Bond Abrasive

Frankfurt diamond abrasive is specially used for rough and medium grinding on marble slabs or concrete. The diamond abrasive is an ideal replacement for traditional silicon carbide abrasives, with which machine-stop and tools-installation time can be reduced thus the working efficiency increased greatly.

Frankfurt Magnesite Abrasive

Frankfurt Magnesite Abrasives is magnesite silicon carbide bonded for marble calibration and grinding. With aggressive silicon carbide inside, magnesite frankfurt abrasive keeps sharp and performance consistent with maximum performance.

Frankfurt Compound Abrasive

Frankfurt Compound Abrasive is bonded with both resin and silicon carbide for marble grinding and polishing. With combined advantage of resin and silicon carbide, compound frankfurt abrasive is more adaptable to all hardness marble materials and makes more aggressive grinding and polishing on marble surfaces, resulted in honed marble surface.

Frankfurt Oxalic Polishing Abrasive

5/10 extra frankfurt oxalic polishing abrasive is used to fine polish the marble travertine slabs or tiles in automatic line polishing machine or manual polishing machine.

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43&40*3.6*10mm fan shape diamond segment for marble edge cutting.
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Frankfurt oxalic polishing abrasive
Frankfurt Oxalic Polishing Abrasive for marble slab polishing.
Linsing diamond wire saw for marble mining
Linsing diamond wire saw for marble mining, Type: Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw and sintered wire saw.
Frankfurt Grinding Abrasive For Marble
Frankfurt Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Abrasive, resin bond diamond grinding abrasive, magnesite grinding abrasive, oxalic polishing abrasive and nylon polishing tools.
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