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Lavastone Cutting Segment

Lavastone cutting segment can be produced for cutting lavastone, there are always manufactured in sandwich and layer design. No matter what the shapes, the aim is to obtain a good cooling and easy flush away the chipping. Diamonds and bond in the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.

Basalt Cutting Segment

Basalt cutting segments adopt the top grade diamond crystal, cobalt and metal powder to produce.With special advantages such as high cutting efficiency and long life. The basalt diamond segments have entered over 30 countries for its premium quality.

Diamond Saw Blade For Dekton

Diamond saw blade for dekton higher grade diamond with a specific bond bring the operators a fantastic experience of fast cutting.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Profiling

Diamond grinding wheel for profiling adopts the production process of arc welding &vacuum sintering, which can improve the grinding efficiency and service life of products.

Diamond Segmented Grinding Wheel

Diamond segmented profile wheel is the unique design with good sharpness allows easy dust removal, The segment with silver welding make the wheel is more aggressive, have a good performance on granite/marble/quartz.

Diamond Grinding Abrasive For Concrete Floor

Diamond Concrete Grinding Plates are the best solution for large areas of thin coating removal, leveling and smoothing high spots in concrete, and work very well for concrete cleaning. Their segments are designed for aggressive grinding of concrete to make short work of your larger projects. These High Quality Diamond Grinding Tools are also ideal for the initial steps in concrete polishing procedures.

Resin Grinding Pad For Concrete Floor

Our floor grinding pads are essential tools for achieving smooth and polished surfaces in various flooring applications. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these pads are specifically engineered to deliver exceptional performance and outstanding results.

Diamond segment for core drill bit

The segment is a cutting tool used for core drilling applications. It is designed with industrial-grade diamond particles embedded in a metal matrix, typically consisting of a mixture of metal powders and a bonding agent. The diamond segments are strategically arranged along the circumference of the core drill bit to facilitate efficient and precise cutting of hard materials such as concrete, stone, granite, and other construction materials.

Diamond Saw Blade For Ceramic Cutting

LINSING diamond saw blade for ceramic: Engineered to deliver exceptional cutting performance, our saw blades are precision-crafted with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. These blades exhibit remarkable durability, smooth cutting, and minimal chipping, making them ideal for cutting various ceramic materials with precision and efficiency. Trust our ceramic cutting saw blades to meet your cutting needs, ensuring superior results and maximizing productivity for your projects.

Diamond Saw Blade For Quartzite

The saw blades are specialized cutting tools designed for the precise and efficient cutting of quartz stone.

Diamond Saw Blade For Concrete

This saw blade is specifically designed for cutting concrete, significantly improving cutting speed and service life. It features the advantages of fast cutting and no chipping.

Diamond Saw Blade For Asphalt

LINSING asphalt saw blades offer these advantages: They're tough, cut fast, don't need much care, fit many machines, and are safe for workers. Plus, they're good for different asphalt jobs and the environment.

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Strengthen J slot diamond saw blade
Strengthen J slot diamond saw blade.
Arix saw blade
Arix saw blade for granite slab/tile cutting.
Segmented finger bit
D22mm segmented diamond finger bit for stone milling.
Diamond fickert
LINSING length:170mm diamond fickert.
Resin fickert
Length:170mm resin bond diamond fickert for granite slab fine grinding.
Gang saw segment
Gang saw segment for marble block cutting.
J slot diamond saw blade
J slot diamond saw blade
Diamond cup wheels
Linsing Diamond cup wheel: turbo cup wheel, resin filled cup wheel.
D400 diamond saw blade for granite cutting
400mm(16inch) diamond circular saw blade for stone edge cutting.
Resin bond diamond grinding disc
Resin bond diamond grinding wheel for granite fine grinding.
Diamond flexible polishing pad for dry use
Diamond flexible polishing pad for dry use.
Linsing diamond segment for granite cutting
Miss volta introduces the granite cutting segments produced by Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.
Sintered diamond engraving bit
Sintered diamond engraving bit for stone processing.
Electroplated diamond finger bit
Electroplated diamond finger bit for milling on CNC prcessing equipment.
Diamond segment for marble
Miss selina introduces linsing marble cutting segment to you.
Diamond segment for andesite
The andesite bit produced by "Linsing diamond tool" is widely praised in Indonesia.
Diamond grinding brush
Diamond brush for stone grinding.
Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit
Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit for dry use.
Diamond wire saw for granite quarrying
Linsing diamond wire saw for granite cutting, mine wire saw processing process.
diamond segment for lavastone cutting
diamond segment for lavastone cutting product display.
Diamond segment for basalt cutting
LINXING Diamond segment for basalt made from high-grade diamond by special high cutting efficiency and long life.
Diamond segment for quarrying
Linsing diamond segment for mining.
Diamond saw blade for granite
LINSING diamond saw blade for granite cutting.
Diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting
LINSING diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting. Product specification:D11.5mm*40.
Diamond saw blade for marble cutting
Linsing diamond saw blade for marble cutting:
Diamond grinding profiling wheel
D300 segmented diamond grinding wheel for stone profiling.
Diamond Grinding Abrasive For Concrete
Diamond tool grinding segment and floor grinding wheel, grinding disc, grinding shoes etc.
Diamond segment for sandstone
Diamond segment for sandstone cutting, Linsing sandstone cutting tips.
Resin bond diamond grinding pad
3 inch resin bond diamond grinding abrasive for concrete floor.
Linsing diamond segment for andesite
Linsing diamond segment for andesite stone cutting.
Diamond saw blade for dekton cutting
Linsing D350,D400 diamond saw blade for dekton cutting
Diamond core drill bit segment
LINSING Diamond core drill bit segment for reinforced concrete & stone drilling.
Diamond saw blade for ceramic
Linsing diamond saw blade for ceramic cutting.
Diamond segment for lavastone cutting
Linsing diamond segment for lavastone
Linsing plastic connection diamond wire saw for profiling
Linsing plastic connection diamond wire saw. Bead diameter:6.3mm, 7.3mm, 8.3mm, 9.0mm, 10mm etc, it used for stone squaring&profiling.
Linsing diamond wire saw for marble mining
Linsing diamond wire saw for marble mining, Type: Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw and sintered wire saw.
Linsing diamond core drill bit for stone
Linsing diamond core drill bit for stone(vacuum brazed type and sintered type).
Linsing Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade
Linsing vacuum brazed diamond saw blade for stone, concrete, asphalt, ceramic tile cutting.
Linsing Diamond Fickert&Buff Fickert&LUX0#
Linsing diamond fickert and buff fickert for granite slab grinding and polishing.
Diamond Finger Bit&Sink Wheel
LINSING Diamond Finger Bit&Sink Wheel
Arix Diamond Saw Blade
Arix Diamond Saw Blade& Arrayed saw blade.
Diamond Cup Wheel
Diamond Cup Wheel For Stone&Concrete Grinding.
CNC Diamond Profile Grinding Wheel
LINSING Diamond Profile Grinding Wheel For CNC Grinding Machinery.
Diamond Engraving Bit
LINSING Diamond Engraving Bit For Stone Carving
Diamond Multi Wire Saw
Linsing D7.2mm D6.3mm,D5.3mm Diamond multi wire saw for stone block cutting.
Diamond Bush Hammer&Roller
Linsing Diamond Bush Hammer For Stone Grinding