Factors affecting the price of diamond segments

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The price of a diamond segment is determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

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1. Segment material: Diamond segments are usually composed of diamond particles and binders. Different material quality and cost differences will affect the price. High-quality diamond particles and bonds add to the manufacturing cost, which increases the price of the segment. Specifically, the difference in diamond quality and the quality of metal powder will affect the price of diamond segments. There are a large number of recycled secondary materials on the market, and the price is much cheaper than new materials. Therefore, if many customers buy cheaper diamond segments, most of them belong to this kind of situation.

Although the secondary material is cheap, because the diamond has undergone multiple high-temperature sintering processes, the stability becomes poor during the cutting process, and it is easy to cause the problem of can’t cut. Some batches of segments are easy to use, and some batches are not easy to use. This is the biggest problem with this kind of cheap segment.              

2. Tip size and shape: The size and shape of the segment has an impact on cost. Larger sizes or non-standard shapes require more material and machining, and are therefore usually more expensive. In terms of shape, many special shapes require the segment factory to manufacture some special molds, especially if the newly customized shape requires additional mold opening costs, the price of the natural segment will be higher.

3. Manufacturing process and technology: The manufacturing process of diamond segment involves multiple processes and technologies, including the selection of diamond particles, formula ratio, sintering process, etc. Advanced manufacturing process and technology will increase the production cost, which will affect the price of the segment. Therefore, how to maximize the cutting performance and reduce the manufacturing cost is the biggest challenge and development direction that the diamond segment industry is currently facing.

4. Brand and reputation: Well-known brands and manufacturers with a good reputation usually have advantages in product quality, performance and service, and their product prices may be relatively high.

5. Market supply and demand and competition: The supply and demand relationship and competition in the diamond segment market will also have an impact on prices. Tight supply or a highly competitive market can lead to higher prices, while less competitive markets can result in relatively lower prices.

6. It should be noted that the price of diamond segment is determined according to the specific product and market conditions, so the specific price needs to be queried and compared according to the actual situation.

7. Buying in bulk: Usually, buying diamond segments in bulk can get a more favorable price. If you need a large number of bits, try negotiating a price discount with your supplier.

8. Shipping costs: Diamond segments are usually strong and heavy products, so shipping costs may have an impact on the final price. The transportation distance, transportation method and packaging method will all affect the transportation cost, which in turn will affect the price of the segment.

9. Market Region: Market conditions and economic conditions in different regions may cause price differences. In some areas, the supply chain and market competition of diamond segments are relatively full, and the price is relatively low; while in some remote areas or areas where the supply is relatively scarce, the price may be higher.

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10. Market demand and supply: Changes in market demand and supply will also have an impact on the price of diamond segments. A supply glut can drive prices down, while a supply shortage can push prices up.

Generally speaking, the price of diamond segment is also affected by various factors such as international currency market, financial market and metallurgical industry.