Types and subdivisions of diamond wire saws

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1: Diamond wire saw for quarry 

Diamond wire saws are widely used in mining. Mining often involves cutting and separating rock, ore, or other geological materials. Diamond wire saw has become a commonly used tool because of its excellent cutting ability and durability. The current mainstream mining wire saw bead diameters are 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, and 12mm.

In mining, diamond wire saws are usually used for the following:

Rock cutting: Diamond wire saws can be used to cut large rock blocks, such as rock walls, rock beams, etc., for preparation before blasting or direct rock mining.

Stone mining: For mining of stone, diamond wire saws can be used to cut marble, granite, limestone and other stones into sizes and shapes suitable for transportation and processing.

Ore Separation: Diamond wire saw can be used to separate the connecting part of ore and surrounding rock or other materials for the extraction and processing of ore.

Quarry rehabilitation: Diamond wire saws can also be used for quarry rehabilitation after mining is completed, such as cutting and removing residual rock blocks, leveling the ground surface, etc.

The application of diamond wire saw in mining has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and durability, which can improve mining efficiency and reduce costs.

diamond wire saw for quarrying

2: Special-shaped stone cutting wire saw(diamond wire saw for profiling)

Diamond wire saw for profiling is a tool specially used for cutting stone shapes and curves. It usually consists of diamond beads and steel wire rope, and the diameter of the beads is usually 8.0-11.0mm. Diamond wire saw for profiling has the following characteristics and advantages:

Flexibility: The shape and length of the diamond wire saw for profiling can be flexibly adjusted according to needs to meet various special-shaped and curved cutting needs.

Efficiency: Diamond beads have excellent hardness and wear resistance, can cut stone quickly and accurately, and improve work efficiency.

Cutting quality: Diamond wire saw for profiling stone can achieve precise cutting, and the cutting surface is flat and smooth, which can meet the high requirements of stone processing and decoration.

Wide range of application: Diamond wire saw for profiling is suitable for various stone materials, such as marble, granite, limestone, etc., and can be used in architectural decoration, carving, stone processing and other fields.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Compared with traditional cutting tools, stone profiling cutting wire saw will not produce a lot of dust and noise, and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

When using a wire saw for stone special-shaped cutting, it is necessary to choose according to the specific stone type and shape, and reasonably adjust the cutting speed and cutting angle to ensure the cutting effect and work safety.

3: Multi wire saw

The multi wire saw with a bead diameter usually 5.3-7.3m is a cutting tool that combines a diamond bead and a wire rope for cutting materials such as stone, concrete, and metal. It features multiple diamond beads and wire ropes combined to form a powerful and flexible cutting tool.

multi wire saw

4: Reinforced concrete cutting wire saw

Reinforced concrete cutting wire saw is a special tool for cutting reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete is a common building material, usually composed of concrete and steel bars, which is relatively difficult to cut. The reinforced concrete cutting wire saw can effectively cut reinforced concrete structures through the combination of diamond beads and steel wire rope. The common bead diameter of this kind of wire saw is 11.5mm.