How many square meters can a diamond wire saw cut per meter?

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Diamond wire saw is a commonly used stone cutting tool, but wonderful. Some customers will ask me, how many square meters does your wire saw cut per meter? In fact, there is no specific answer to this question, because the cutting life of the wire saw is related to many factors. Let's take a closer look at which factors can affect the cutting life of the wire saw?

1: Hardness and properties of cutting materials: Diamond wire saws are mainly used for cutting hard materials such as stone and concrete. The hardness and properties of different materials will affect the wear of the blade. Materials with higher hardness will accelerate the wear of wire saw beads. In addition to hardness, the abrasiveness of the cutting object also has a greater impact. The higher the abrasiveness, the higher the hardness , then the cutting life of the diamond wire saw will be shorter.

2: Cutting conditions: Cutting conditions such as the use of coolant will affect the life of the wire saw. Proper cutting conditions can reduce the wear and tear of the wire saw and prolong its life.

3: Bead quality: The quality of the beads has a direct impact on the life of the diamond wire saw. High-quality diamond wire saws generally have better wear resistance and cutting performance, and will stay sharper for longer. So how to improve the quality of beading? Mainly divided into two aspects of raw materials and process quality improvement.

4: Cutting methods and techniques: Using the correct cutting methods and techniques can reduce the wear and tear of wire saw beads and prolong their life. For example, avoid excessive cutting speed, proper cutting angle and correct cutting pressure, etc. In terms of cutting speed, generally speaking, the cutting speed and life of the wire saw are in a parabolic trend. When the speed reaches a certain level, the life of the wire saw reaches the maximum. When the cutting speed continues to increase, the life of the wire saw begins to decrease significantly. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the critical speed of wire saw cutting.

5: Wire saw maintenance : Regularly checking and clean the surface of the wire saw, and finding out the problems of the wire saw in time can avoid major problems during the cutting process of the wire saw, and the correct storage method can prolong the life of the wire saw, such as avoid storing rubber ropes for long periods of time in extremely cold environments.

6: Working environment: Dust, humidity, temperature and other factors in the working environment will also affect the life of the wire saw. Keeping your work environment clean, dry, and free from excessively high or low temperatures can help extend the life of your wire saw.

7: Size and Design: The size and design of your wire saw will also affect its lifespan. Reasonable bead size and design can provide better cutting efficiency and durability. Generally speaking, the diameter of the beads and the number of beads per meter are one of the factors that directly affect the life of the wire saw.

8: Cutting frequency and time: Cutting frequency and continuous working time will also affect the life of the wire saw. Too frequent cutting or prolonged continuous use can cause the blade to overheat and wear. Intermittent work will give the wire saw good cutting life.

9: Reconditioning and adjustment of wire saw: Some diamond wire saws can be repaired, such as by winding the rope, to restore their cutting performance. Closure wires are a very important part when it comes to restoration.

10: Wire saw fixing materials: Diamond wire saws are usually composed of wire ropes and different fixing materials. Different materials of fixing materials and wire ropes with different stress limits will affect the life and performance of the wire saw.

11: Cutting methods and application scenarios: Different cutting methods and application scenarios will produce different loads and wear on the wire saw. For example, dry cutting may affect a wire saw differently than wet cutting.

In general, the cutting life of a diamond wire saw is affected by many factors and cannot be generalized. Generally speaking, a cutting life of 0.8-45 square meters is possible, but it is unreasonable to talk about the life itself regardless of the cutting object. , so if you want to know how many meters the wire saw can cut, you will know it only after you have used it.

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