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Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Disc

Metal Disc with sharp, durable, good finish three characteristics for grinding granite.

Flexible Polishing Pad For Dry Use

Dry polishing pad are suitable for polishing in anhydrous environments, are portable and can work in a variety of environments. The particle size is between 50-3000, and it can be used for high-gloss polishing of granite, marble, artificial stone, etc.

Frankfurt Magnesite Abrasive

Frankfurt Magnesite Abrasives is magnesite silicon carbide bonded for marble calibration and grinding. With aggressive silicon carbide inside, magnesite frankfurt abrasive keeps sharp and performance consistent with maximum performance.

Frankfurt Compound Abrasive

Frankfurt Compound Abrasive is bonded with both resin and silicon carbide for marble grinding and polishing. With combined advantage of resin and silicon carbide, compound frankfurt abrasive is more adaptable to all hardness marble materials and makes more aggressive grinding and polishing on marble surfaces, resulted in honed marble surface.

Resin Bond 3 Step Flexible Polishing Pads

3-step diamond polishing pads are high quality diamond polishing pads designed for fast and cost effective polishing. Compared to traditional 7 or 8 steps system, the 3-step pads save substantial time and effort up to 50%.

Resin Bond 4 Step Flexible Polishing Pads

4-Step Dry Wet Diamond Polishing Pads are a great advancement in the technology of diamond polishing pads. They are ideal for polishing light colored granite and marble to achieve high gloss usually acquired in 6 to 7 steps with regular 7 or 8 step diamond polishing pads.

Diamond Bush Hammer

Diamond bush hammer is used for surface fabricating, texturing and roughening of smooth stone surfaces, to create anti-slip surfaces on stone floors and steps, etc.

Hand Polishing Pad

Hand polishing pad is an economical system that incorprates both honing and polishing diamonds for repair of small areas or use on titles where hand polishing is practical. Floor polishing power tools 90*55mm, diamond hand polishing pad grit: 60#/100#/200#/400#/800#/1500#/3000# etc.

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Linsing flexible resin polishing pad
Linsing flexible resin bond diamond polishing pad for dry&wet use.
Linsing Granite Grinding&Polishing Disc Abrasive
Linsing metal bond diamond grinding wheel, resin bond diamond grinding disc, buff polishing disc for granite slab processing.
Linsing Diamond Fickert&Buff Fickert&LUX0#
Linsing diamond fickert and buff fickert for granite slab grinding and polishing.
Frankfurt Grinding Abrasive For Marble
Frankfurt Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Abrasive, resin bond diamond grinding abrasive, magnesite grinding abrasive, oxalic polishing abrasive and nylon polishing tools.