How to do if the diamond segment is not solidly welded?

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There may be the following reasons why the diamond segment is not welded firmly on the diamond circular saw blade:

Incomplete cleaning: before welding, the circular saw blade and diamond segment must be completely dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the welding quality. Any grease, dust, or other contamination will affect the strength of the weld.
diamond segments, granite cutting segment, diamond cutting toolsInsufficient or too high welding temperature: if the welding temperature is insufficient, the diamond particles may not be firmly attached to the saw blade. If the temperature is too high, the diamond may be damaged. Therefore, the appropriate welding temperature should be selected according to the material type and specification.

Insufficient or too long welding time: insufficient welding time will result in a weak bond, while too long welding time may cause excessive heating and damage to the diamond segment.

Uneven welding pressure: appropriate pressure needs to be applied between the diamond segment and the saw blade during the welding process. If the pressure is uneven, the diamond may not be evenly distributed on the blade, resulting in a weak weld.

Material quality issues: the quality of the diamond segment will directly affect its welding quality on the saw blade. If the segment itself has quality problems, such as loose or uneven distribution of diamond particles, the firmness after welding will also be affected.

So how to increase the firmness of the diamond segment? In fact, increasing the firmness of diamond segment welding needs to start from many aspects. The following are some common methods:

Select appropriate welding materials and processes: selecting high-quality welding materials and appropriate welding processes can effectively improve the firmness and quality of welding. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and dryness of the diamond segment and the substrate during the welding process to avoid adverse factors such as pollution or moisture between the welding material and the diamond segment.

Control welding temperature and time: for different types of diamond segments and substrate materials, appropriate welding temperature and time should be used to avoid overheating or too long welding time, which will cause problems such as thermal deformation or thermal cracking of the segment and substrate.

Strengthen the design and layout of welding points: in the welding design of diamond segments, attention should be paid to the layout and quantity of welding points, and a reasonable increase in the number and distribution of welding points can effectively improve the firmness and stability of the segment and reduce the risk of wear and cracking of the segment.

Optimizing the fit of the segment to the blank blade: the better the fit of the segment to the blank blade, the higher the firmness and stability of the segment. Therefore, in the process of designing and manufacturing the segment, the matching degree and matching accuracy of the segment and the blank blade should be fully considered to ensure that the fit and contact area of the segment and the blank blade are optimal.

Enhance the bonding force between the segment and the substrate: the bonding force between the segment and the blank blade can be enhanced by special treatment on the surface of the substrate or coating adhesive, so as to improve the firmness and stability of the segment .
stone cutting tools, diamond cutting segmentsIn general: for the problem of weak welding of diamond saw blades, we should strictly follow the welding procedures during the production process, select high-quality diamond segments and circular saw blades, strictly control the welding temperature, time and pressure, and ensure cleanliness and dry. At the same time, the detection and quality control after welding can be carried out, and the problems found can be dealt with in time, which can effectively improve the welding firmness of the diamond segment on the circular saw blade.