Diamond segment welding process

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Diamond products are mainly used on circular cutting blades , Gang saw machine, chain saw , core bit and diamond abrasive materials, such as grinder ,cnc wheel . The diamond segment need to be combined with the matrix in various way no matter what kind of diamond tools .

Before welding to grinding arc processing of agglomeration, because saw blades for arc products, mostly parallel and cutter welding layer, this time you need for the cutter grinding arc process, to form a natural radian of the cutting tools, so can increase the saw blade and the bonding strength of the cutting tools, the second also can let a bit when he faced the stone material impact share some impact through the matrix, and preventing loss of the cutting tools.

In the welding process of diamond segment, the following requirements must be followed, otherwise the diamond segment produced will either not conform to the stone processing specifications, or there will be quality problems, resulting in the reduction of cutting life and efficiency.

 welding process of diamond segmemt

1. There should be enough welding fastness between diamond segment and matrix, which is directly manifested as impact resistance and good welding performance. During the stone impact process, impact stress will exert pressure on the whole saw blade, but not all the stress will be concentrated on the blade joint, which will easily cause the diamond segment to fall off directly.

2. The segment is distributed in the fixed tooth position of the matrix, which follows two symmetry, left-right symmetry and forward-right symmetry. Left-right symmetry means that after the welding of the segment, the left and right sides of the saw blade present symmetrical welding Angle, and the forward-right symmetry is also easy to understand.

3. Temperature control during welding. The temperature should not be too high or too low.

4. The welding time of the segment needs to be controlled. Excessively long welding time will directly lead to the tension of hot expansion and cold contraction of the matrix, which will lead to the deformation of the matrix. And too short a time, will appear the welding is not strong.

The following about the diamond tool welding technology, mainly high-frequency welding and laser welding two kinds.

 high-frequency welding
High frequency welding is the most common type of saw blade manufacturing process, at present, most of the big saw blade adopts such welding method, welding process, welding with silver piece connection part and the matrix of the cutting tools, this way because they do not need too expensive welding machine, automatic welding machine can complete the whole process, even the manual can be welded, so the threshold is low, will not damage the substrate. However, the disadvantages are also very obvious. High-frequency welding saw blades are not suitable for dry cutting, and silver welding blades should be added, so the cost is high.

At present, laser welding has not been widely promoted, because laser welding is used to combine the blade head with the saw blade matrix. Such a saw blade can be used for dry cutting, and even the welding cost is almost half of that of high-frequency welding. However, it also has obvious disadvantages, such as expensive laser equipment, and such welding method will destroy the matrix, and the utilization rate of the matrix will decrease. And due to the increase of welding seam, the appearance of the whole saw blade will be affected in the painting process.