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Diamond Segment For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond quarrying segment is a kind of diamond tool product commonly used in granite mining The product is mainly used for the mining of granite stone blocks, it is used on the mine circular saw By laying the track, the circular saw can mine the stone blocks in the round-trip process

Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Mining&Quarrying

We recommend rubber wire for marble cutting, it can protect the wire saw rope very well and increase the wire’s strength The rubber has good temperature resistance, and it can be used when water is not enough Strong flexibility can reduce the cut-in-one-side problem

Diamond Wire Saw For Block Squaring

The smaller bead size of the trimming wire saw reduces stone waste Squaring wire saws are mostly injection-molded wire saws with a smooth surface, which can make the surface of the block after trimming smoother

Diamond Wire Saw For Stone Profiling

Profiling wire saws are mainly used to cut non-standard slab shapes, such as Roman columns of various shapes The special-shaped wire saw has low power consumption and low energy consumption, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency and the accuracy of cutting special-shaped shapes is very high

Resin Fickert

Resin Fickert can improve the process precision, especially used in automatic granite polishing line

Button Bit

Button bit is cross shaped on the bit, which is the same as the taper chisel bit They have different taper and diameter The bit body is made of high-quality imported steel; Bit is made of special alloy by special welding The bits are widely used in various mining projects

Cross Chisel Bit

Cross chisel bit has long service life and high drilling efficiency It can be used for drilling operations in coal mines, granite and marble, quarries, metallurgical mines, geological exploration, water conservancy construction, electric power, transportation and tunnels

Taper Chisel Bit

Taper chisel bits are widely used for mining, tunneling and quarrying We manufactuer various diameters of tapered chisel bits from 26mm to 45mm in different tapered degrees

Laser Bridge Saw Machine

Laser bridge cutting machine is for slab processing, which adopts programmer logic controller, fine frequency converter, signing laser etc for automatic function and guarantee its precise and stable cutting We have model LXPLC-400, LXPLC -600, LXPLC-700 for you to choose

Manual Polishing Machine

The machine adopts steel and casting parts of the joint structure, hand-held man-machine operation, electric lift, left and right swing manual, the whole structure is solid and stable, beautiful appearance and stable performance, high smooth processing efficiency for small slabs polishing, polishing water jet follows, thick slabs dressing and other functions

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Tapered chisel bit
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Button bit
Button bit for stone&rock drilling.
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Diamond segment for quarrying
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