Laser Bridge Saw Machine

Laser bridge cutting machine is for slab processing, which adopts programmer logic controller, fine frequency converter, signing laser etc for automatic function and guarantee its precise and stable cutting. We have model LXPLC-400, LXPLC -600, LXPLC-700 for you to choose.

Product Features:
1. Bridge structure with wide crossbeam, large size of slab cutting are available;
2. Equipped with infrared device, precise cutting location reachable;
3. 45 degree cutting head for chamfering;
4. PLC control system, programmable, fully automatic& smooth cutting;
5. Precise movement of head in X Y Z direction by rack & gear;
6. Electric part of Japanese name brand adopted, reliability guaranteed;
7. Touch-senstive operating system, friendly human-machine interface;
8. Magnetic grid system for crossbeam forward and backward movement, flexible, accuracy and less error.

Product Specifications:

Max.diameter of blade400600700
Main Motor Power15(18 optional)15(18 optional)15(18 optional)
Table Diameter(mm)3200*20003200*20003200*2000
Table Rotating Degree0-85°0-85°0-85°
Table Tilting Degree90°/360°90°/360°90°/360°
Max.Cutting (mm)3200*2000*803200*2000*1803200*2000*230
Overall Dimension(mm)6000*4800*28006000*4800*28006000*4800*2800
Water Consumption4m³/h4m³/h4m³/h
Approximate Weight5000kg5000kg6400kg

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