Commonly used diamond segment welding machine types

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There are many types of diamond segment welding equipment, common ones include:

diamond segments

1: Sintering welding machine: Mainly through sintering, the diamond segment is directly welded on the blank blade, and the diamond segment is fixed on the substrate by cold pressing and sintering, but this kind of equipment is mostly used for less than 230mm Welding of small diameter saw blades, if the size is too large, the blade will fall off.

2: Resistance welding machine: Resistance welding machine, also known as arc welding machine, is a commonly used diamond segment welding equipment. Arc welding machine is a common welding equipment that can be used for welding diamond segments. It uses an electric arc to generate high temperature to melt the metal material and connect it with the diamond segment.   

When using an arc welding machine to weld a diamond segment, it is first necessary to prepare the diamond segment and base or blank blade, and place them in a suitable position. Then, the welding electrode is brought into contact with the metal material, and an arc is generated. Through the high temperature action of the arc, the metal material melts and fuses with the diamond segment to form a welded connection. After the welding is completed, the welded diamond segment can be obtained after cooling.

3: Laser welding machine: Laser welding machine uses laser beam for welding, which has high energy density and precise welding control ability. It enables non-contact welding with less thermal impact on the diamond segment and is suitable for high-precision and demanding welding tasks.

Principle: The laser welding machine focuses the high-energy laser beam to the welding area, heats the diamond segment and the base material to a molten or partially molten state, and then rapidly cools and solidifies to achieve a welded connection.

The laser welding machine has the advantages of fast welding speed, small heat-affected zone, and high welding quality. It can achieve non-contact welding, avoiding the problems of contact damage and thermal deformation in traditional welding methods. However, the equipment and operation of laser welding machines are relatively complicated, and professional skills and experience are required to operate and adjust welding parameters to ensure welding quality and effect.

High-frequency welding diamond segmented saw blade

4: High-frequency welding machine: The high-frequency welding machine uses the combined action of heat and pressure to weld the diamond blade and the handle. It forms a firm bond between the diamond segment and the substrate through the control of heating and pressure. Fully automatic high-frequency welding machines and semi-automatic high-frequency welding machines are two common types of diamond segment welding equipment, and they have different degrees of automation in the welding process.

Fully automatic welding machine: Fully automatic welding machine is a kind of fully automatic welding equipment. It is usually equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic alignment system of welding head, automatic adjustment system of welding parameters and other functions. The operator only needs to set the welding parameters and place the workpiece, and the machine can automatically complete the welding process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and consistency. Fully automatic welding machines are suitable for high-volume, high-speed welding tasks.

Semi-automatic welding machine: Semi-automatic welding machine is a kind of semi-automatic welding equipment. It requires the operator to place the workpiece, clamp it, and align the welding head, but parameters such as welding current and time during the welding process can be controlled and adjusted through the device. Semi-automatic welding machines usually have a good human-machine interface and easy operation, and are suitable for welding tasks in small and medium batches.

To choose a fully automatic welding machine or a semi-automatic welding machine, factors such as production scale, production efficiency requirements, labor costs and investment budgets need to be considered. For large-scale and high-efficiency production, fully automatic welding machines can provide better automation and production efficiency; while for small and medium-scale production, semi-automatic welding machines can provide more flexible and economical welding solutions.

5: Water welding machine: Iron plate water welding is a commonly used method of welding diamond blades, which uses iron plates and water for welding. Specific steps are as follows:

Iron plate water welding is a relatively simple and economical diamond segment welding method, which is suitable for some smaller and thinner diamond segments. Its advantage is that it can effectively cool the diamond during the welding process and reduce thermal damage, while the iron plate provides a stable base to make the welding process more stable. However, for larger and thicker diamond segments, iron disc welding may not provide sufficient stability and cooling, and other, more complex welding methods may be required.

These welding equipment play a key role in the production of diamond segments, which can realize the firm welding of diamond blades and handles, and ensure the quality and performance of the diamond segments. The specific choice of welding equipment needs to be comprehensively considered according to factors such as production needs, welding requirements, and budget.